SpaceX sent a crew with a representative of the aggressor country of Russia to the ISS


Elon Musk’s company SpaceX sent a new crew to the International Space Station, which will arrive there today, August 27.

The Crew Dragon spacecraft launched a Falcon 9 launch vehicle into space on August 26. The mission is called Crew-7 and its crew consists of four astronauts from four countries. Among the astronauts, for some reason, the Russian Kostiantyn Borisov from Roscosmos is present. Also on board are representatives of the allied countries of Ukraine — Jasmin Mogbeli from the USA, Andreas Mogensen from Denmark and Satoshi Furukawa from Japan. This is reported by CNN.

The new crew will stay at the station for six months. They will conduct various scientific studies on the ISS — they will study the risks of the spread of bacteria and fungi during manned space missions. Astronauts will conduct an experiment during which they will analyze whether it is possible to throw microorganisms from the ventilation holes of the orbital station into space.

As you know, SpaceX started sending astronauts to the ISS back in 2020, but the Crew-7 mission is unique in that it was the first time such a diverse crew went into space aboard a spacecraft.

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