Stylists and designers reveal 11 fashion trends that we will see everywhere in 2023


  • Designers say that 2023 will bring shades of pink and green, metallics and artificial leather.
  • Among the current trends, experts also noted ballet flats, blazers and cargo pockets.

Loafers on the sole will remain a strong trend.

Lug sole refers to the solid rubber bottom of boots and shoes.

Ashley Full, Co-Founder and Stylist AMOUR781 said loafers on soles will remain popular, especially in the spring. The style refers to massive, rubber soles.

“Loafers with soles, which were a favorite of the ‘It Girls’ this fall, will also remain a trend for spring,” she told Insider. “Your chunky loafer will be the perfect complement to the stylish tennis mini skirts that everyone has added to their wardrobes in 2022.”

The stylist also recommended adding a collegiate style cardigan to complete the look.

There are more and more shades of green.

a man dressed in various shades of green and white high tops
Green moss and fern are at the top of the trend.

Full told Insider what she expects to see this year different shades of green including fern and moss.

“We’ll see ferns and moss green this spring through the pre-autumn period,” she said. “This color can be a challenge for some, but you can embrace it with patterns or accessories.”

Pink color will also be popular.

pink coat
Barbie-inspired pink is big right now.

Shades of pink can make a bold statement, and Full told Insider that there will be plenty of color this year, especially with the new Barbie movie coming out in July.

“Expect to see head-to-toe bold pink in fun brights,” she said. “More restrained fashionistas can soften it with notes of moss and green ferns. But I say don’t be afraid to go full color.”

Ballet flats will remain popular in the future.

a person wearing neutral ballet flats and jeans
This trend has been in and out of fashion over the past two decades.

Harmony Pilobello and Shilpa Iyengar, designers and co-founders Alterre said that the trend for ballet flats will remain.

“As people transition from working at home to slippers or sneakers, ballet flats are a comfortable alternative for office work and running errands,” they said. “We also foresee more people wearing satin ballet flats to formal events such as weddings.”

Transparent details reminiscent of Y2K fashion will not go anywhere.

a man wearing a cloak and holding a clear plastic wallet with gold details
Clear wallets are an easy way to follow the trend.

Personal stylist Susan Padron expects that Y2K trends in particular transparent details, will remain in shoes, bags and clothes.

“Think clear plastic, but tall and expensive,” she told Insider. “Brands like Mach & Mach even have clear pumps that can be worn to events or as an accent to jeans.”

Sequins are ideal for dressing up outfits.

a man dressed in a white cloak over gold shiny pants and black heels
You can still be sophisticated with shiny pieces of clothing.

Grace Thomas, founder and lead stylist Built gracefully said that sequins will continue to liven up clothes in 2023 .

“I think we’ve only seen the tip of the spear for this trend, because the festive season is always a time of sparkle and shine,” she said, adding: “Sweaters with embellished buttons, heels with jewels and jeans with diamonds … details like this are just some of the trends that we will see in life.”

Cargo pockets are back in fashion.

a man wearing a cream turtleneck sweater and white pants with a dark brown jacket with cargo pockets
Cargo pockets are functional and fashionable this year.

According to Lana Blank, New York stylist and founder The Blanc House cargo pockets will reappear this year.

“We’ve seen this trend pick up (with cargo pants) in 2022, but it’s going to be big in 2023,” she said. “Oversized pockets were seen on nearly every Spring/Summer 2023 catwalk, including but not limited to Miu Miu, Fendi, Dior, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Marant, Versace and Brunello Cucinelli.”

The stylist said we can expect to see cargo pockets on everything from pants and shorts to skirts and coats.

This year will bring more metal.

a person walking down the street wearing a white t-shirt, metallic pink pants and holding a matching pink jacket
Metal materials are in trend.

Blanc said trendy metal pieces are here to stay, especially silver.

“You’ve seen bags, shoes and accessories, but on the Spring 2023 runways, our shiny new friend was featured in quirky pieces like jeans, blazers, shorts, pantsuits and, of course, an endless number of stunning dresses,” she said. told Insider.

Faux leather leggings are sure to be a hit.

the woman wears leather pants and a pink top
The leather look can be comfortable and fashionable.

Jackie Kondura a personal stylist and fashion blogger, told Insider that this year faux leather leggings will continue to be popular.

“Faux leather leggings have gone viral and are one of the hottest trends this season,” she said, adding, “It enhances our favorite black leggings while adding a touch of edginess to our outfits. Plus, they go with everything.”

She suggested pairing them with chunky sweaters and classic sneakers.

Blazers will remain a popular trend.

couple wear blazers outside
Anyone can incorporate a nice blazer into their wardrobe.

Condura said this year people will continue to layer and layer everything with a jacket.

“Once reserved for the office, they’ve now moved far beyond the boardroom and become a fashion focal point,” she told Insider, adding, “With the 1990s revival and Y2K nostalgia on the rise, and the obsession with fashion in these decades, designers will continue to introduce new products and ways to wear them.”

The stylist said that you can easily combine blazers with casual denim or wear them.

Men’s clothing is reinterpreted in women’s fashion.

a person in neutral clothes with buttons, a sweater and a skirt
Vests-sweaters are back in women’s fashion.

Fashion and wardrobe stylist Jeezy Style said that the reimagined menswear will shake up the workwear segment in of fashion .

“Get ready for more conservative menswear-inspired fashion,” she said, adding, “Now is the perfect time to upgrade our wardrobes with timeless pieces that will last you for seasons to come. My go-to is leather wide leg pants and a sweater vest for work wear or the weekend.”

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