Sunflower prices continued to rise


Sunflower prices continued to rise. Processing plants in Ukraine bought sunflowers in the range of $390-410 per delivery, depending on the location of the plant.

In the direction of Bulgaria, farmers from Khmelnytskyi and Ternopil regions could sell sunflowers at a price of up to $460 with delivery in big bags and receive a premium for sunflower oiliness.

The latest indications of sunflower buyers:
• DAP Ukraine (regions) ~$390-410
• DAP Bulgaria (center) ~$450-460
• CIF Bulgaria (port) ~$445-450
• CIF Turkey (port) ~$455-460

The latest indications of buyers for oil:
• FCA Ukraine (regions) ~€750-760
• DAP Ukraine (border) ~800-815€
• DAP Ukraine (Odesa) ~850-870$
• DAP Bulgaria (center) ~860-870$
• DAP Netherlands (center) ~930-940€
• DAP Macedonia (Mon.) ~845-850€

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