The Anti-Corruption Center continues to investigate candidates for the VCKS


Yes, on the page of the Central Committee on the social network made public another analysis of the integrity of the candidate for the High Qualification Commission of Judges of Ukraine:

“On the photo is Serhii Mohonchuk, professor at Yaroslav the Wise University. And he also wants to become a member of the Communist Party of Ukraine. Our colleagues from DEJURE Foundation analyzed the candidate’s biography and identified a number of issues.

Let’s start with the fact that Mohonchuk held the position of head of the Main Department of Justice in the Kharkiv region from 2010 to 2016, during the two terms of office of Gennady Kernes as mayor of Kharkiv. The media reported that Mohonchuk was allegedly Kernes’ lawyer and had some connection to numerous schemes.

The candidate’s 20-year-old son, Bohdan Mohonchuk, acquired property in 2014, the total value of which, according to the declaration, was almost UAH 1.5 million. Namely: an apartment with an area of ​​83 square meters in the center of Kharkiv and two parking spaces. In 2016, Mohonchuk Jr. acquired a 2010 HONDA CR-V car worth UAH 200,000.

But most importantly, the value of the acquired property and information on income indicate that either Mohonchuk’s son could not afford the purchase of the property, or had significant income before the age of 21. It is likely that the expenses were carried out by parents or third parties. However, it is doubtful that Mohonchuk Sr. and his wife could purchase such property with official income. Because the candidate worked all his career in educational institutions and the administration of justice, and his wife did not have much income.

Interestingly, after the above-mentioned probable real estate expenses, the candidate noted that he and his family saved almost 87 thousand dollars and 16 thousand euros.

In the declaration for 2015, Mohonchuk also noted that another son owned a house of 202 square meters in the Kharkiv region. The cost of the house is almost UAH 1.5 million. My son received it in 2012 as a gift. It is worth clarifying with the candidate who exactly became the donor of the house and why.

We hope that the Competition Commission will carefully check all the discovered dubious facts about candidate Mohonchuk.”

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