The Anti-Corruption Center expresses doubts about the integrity of one of the candidates for the VCKS


Yes, according to the message CPC on your Facebook page:

On Monday, January 16, interviews with candidates for the High Qualifications Commission of Judges (HCQC) will begin. This is a body that is primarily responsible for the selection and transfer of judges. Therefore, in addition to VRP, it is important that VKKS be filled with honest specialists. And there are problems with this.

In particular, on Monday the commission will hold an interview with Inna Bernaziukwho currently works as a representative of the ombudsman in the field of personal data.

Let’s start with the fact that in 2012 and 2013 the candidate became the owner of two plots of land in Novi Petrivtsi village. We doubt that an average person could just like that in those days get plots not far from Mezhyhirya. And this is exactly the explanation given by the man Bernaziuk, who a few years ago tried to become a judge of the Supreme Court. They said that they got the land for free and that the plots are not that valuable. Ugh, they believed it.

🔘 In the declaration for 2016, Bernaziuk indicated that she had saved 85 thousand dollars and 335 thousand UAH (approximately 12.5 thousand dollars). I wonder how it was possible to save such sums while working in public positions without high incomes. Even before that, in 2013, he spent UAH 359,000 on a brand new Toyota Venza.

🔘 More about cars. The candidate indicated that in 2020 she purchased a 2017 Audi Q7 for $45,000. I don’t really believe in such prices, because as of September 2022, similar cars were sold for almost 60,000 dollars.

Moreover, the company from which Bernaziuk (as well as the scandalous ex-Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs Gogilashvili and the wife of Deputy Prosecutor General Simonenko) purchased this car has signs of being fictitious and appears in the criminal proceedings. With a high probability, officials and their relatives could use this firm to avoid explaining the origin of funds for the purchase of expensive cars.

🔘 And finally. We doubt that Bernaziuk has 15 years of professional experience in the field of law.

We sent the commission all the information that indicates the candidate’s dubiousness. We hope that the commission will question Bernaziuk in detail about the origin of the funds for expensive cars and the circumstances of the purchase of valuable land near Kyiv.

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