The Armed Forces destroyed an enemy attack helicopter Ka-52 worth 16 million dollars


The Armed Forces destroy a large number of enemy equipment and enemy soldiers: the Russian army suffers irreparable losses.

Russia loses 2,000 soldiers for every 90 meters captured, wrote about it The Times.

Russia continues to throw a large number of poorly trained and poorly equipped people into battle.
These numbers appeared after the defense ministers of the NATO countries promised to arm Ukraine as part of Ramstein-9 to defend against a Russian offensive.

“Russia continues to throw a large number of additional people into battle. Most of the people are poorly trained and poorly equipped, and because of this we see that they have many victims,” ​​he said US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin.

U.S. officials have said they are rushing to provide Ukraine with advanced air defense systems before Russia can launch a large-scale air strike in the spring.

“The Russian ground forces have greatly weakened and are very demoralized. This is the best indication that they will try to switch to aerial combat,” the US official said.

The Armed Forces destroyed an enemy Ka-52 on the night of May 24.

The Ka-52 Russian combat helicopter, a command vehicle of the army aviation, carries out terrain reconnaissance, target designation and coordination of the actions of a group of combat helicopters.

Russian propaganda created one of its biggest propaganda legends around the Ka-52 “Alligator” attack helicopter. It was talked about as the newest and most efficient machine in the arsenal of the Russian army.

The features of the Ka-52 in the Russian Federation were called a powerful aiming system and an on-board defense system capable of providing protection against anti-aircraft missiles of all types.

Rospropagandists about the combat use of the Ka-52 described how the enemy can be shot with impunity at any time of the day with high-precision Vyhr missiles from 6-10 km, and if the enemy even sneakily uses MANPADS, the security system will notify the pilots and set up obstacles.

However, in Ukrainian skies, the Ka-52 is defenseless against the Air Force of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

The enemy’s losses for the day — May 23, 2023 — increased even more.

— 204,760 (+400) personnel were eliminated,

— tanks — 3792 (+3) units,

— armored combat vehicles — 7,424 (+5) units,

— artillery systems — 3339 (+21) units,

— RSZV — 570 (+5) units,

— air defense equipment — 327 (+0) units,

— aircraft — 309 (+0) units,

— helicopters — 296 (+1) units,

— UAVs of operational-tactical level — 2871 (+7),

— cruise missiles — 1015 (+0),

— ships/boats — 18 (+0) units,

— automotive equipment and tank trucks — 6146 (+7) units,

— special equipment — 440 (+7).

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