The best hangover cocktail recipes


During the festive feast, you can not only overeat, but also drink too much alcohol. If you or your friends drank too much and feel bad, you should pay attention to the following tips:

  • To relieve the symptoms of a hangover, you need to drink a significant amount of water on the day of the celebration before going to bed.
  • Broth or liquid soup with vegetables will help restore the content of nutrients in the body faster.
  • Do not forget about drinking water and tonic drinkswhich help to restore the water balance.
  • You should be careful with sweets. First, it is better to take drugs that neutralize the acidity of gastric juice to avoid digestive problems.

Another effective way to relieve a hangover is cocktails. We have collected for you the most effective recipes of these drinks.

Bloody Mary

Vodka, lemon, salt, pepper, celery, Tabasco, Worcestershire and tomato juice will literally revive you after the party. It is not for nothing that Bloody Mary has been considered the best cure for hangovers for 100 years.


Relief after this cocktail is felt almost immediately. You only need to beat an egg, add salt and pepper, pour the contents into a glass and “cover” with a spoonful of vinegar. You need to drink a cocktail like a shot.

German dawn

A real dawn for those who had an eclipse the day before. To prepare a cocktail, you need to pour tomato juice, a beaten egg yolk, and top it with 100 ml of beer. At the same time, each ingredient must be poured through a knife so that the layers do not mix.


The cocktail not only saves you from a hangover, but also perfectly invigorates! In a glass of orange juice, you need to finely chop a lemon with the peel and pour two tablespoons of honey. Mix everything thoroughly in a blender.


If not only the head hurts, but also the stomach, it is better to prepare a cocktail Rinse. To do this, you need to pour 100 ml of dry white wine, 100 ml of mineral sparkling water into a glass, and top it with two tablespoons of lemon juice.

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