The best sunglasses for any outfit (Photo report)


The shade is very diverse. There’s scorn, chilling under a beach umbrella and, most importantly for fashionistas, the shade, also known as the ultimate black sunglasses. No matter how you dress or who your favorite designer is, black sunglasses are an absolute must.

Understated and chic, black sunglasses are also a versatile accessory. Classic styles protect your eyes, adding elegance to any outfit. Square lenses in a thick frame make an accent. And polarized aviators block harsh UV rays with a cool curve. Before focusing on the form and style, the famous stylist Jenny Rodriguez says, “It’s important to find the right frame that fits your face.” When you find your perfect match, she offers to complement them ” white t-shirt jeans, a blazer and sneakers.” Glasses are the finishing touch – you look chic and effortless.”

When shopping, look for a versatile pair: sunnies that you can wear everyday and dress up when needed. We have prepared just that ahead. From cat-eye frames to tinted lenses, these are the 10 best black sunglasses that have universal appeal. It’s time to stop throwing shade and start wearing it instead.

Gregory Peck sunglasses

Oliver Peoples makes high-quality sunglasses that will last you for years to come. Inspired by the style of Gregory Peck at the movie “To Kill a Mockingbird”, it’s a unisex classic that won’t go out of style.

Tall aviator sunglasses

Quay creates simple aviators that are just a little too big to frame your face. Ombre lenses slightly change the traditional design.

Buyer feedback: “I love these sunglasses, they are comfortable and look great with anything. I have a few designer sunglasses, but lately I’ve been reaching for them every time.”

Sunglasses Sicilia

A fusion of classics and modernism, illesteva creates a pair that goes perfectly with any outfit. They are best for round faces, with flat lenses and large frames.

Carson Square Sunglasses

As reliable as they are, these glasses don’t try to do too much. Despite the lower price, they still promise 100 percent UV protection.

Ghost sunglasses

Carefully handcrafted, each pair of glasses purchased from Valley may vary slightly, meaning your shades will be completely unique. Their thick rectangular frames and metallic finish make them a focal point.

Morningside sunglasses

These bio-pure nylon lenses are perfectly rounded and magnified. Drawing inspiration from the image of Lauren Hutton in the film ” American Gigolo “, these glasses transcend decades.

Tiffany Eyewear sunglasses

Tiffany Blue is not limited to jewelry. If you want to add some color to your black sunglasses, the blue gradient on the lenses of this pair will do just that. They are designed for oval and round faces, as well as for those with a higher nose.

Thirty-three sunglasses

The brand’s eyewear is a favorite of Rodriguez’s, who says, “I’ve been obsessed with these divine sunglasses, the Thirty Three frame. I can wear them with everything.” Throw on a biker jacket and combat boots for a sharp look.


We love these glasses purely for what they do. Come on, add some drama to your outfit.

Buyer feedback: “Not very big, I like the color. Really great sunglasses.”

Gabi Kederling is a New York-based freelance writer covering fashion, lifestyle, travel, sports and more.

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