The CEC recognized the lawyer of “95 quarter” Tararin as the elected member of the Council instead of the “servant” Kholodov


The Central Election Commission recognized attorney Mykola Tararin as the elected member of the Verkhovna Rada from the Servant of the People party instead of Andriy Kholodov, who resigned as deputy after it became known to the media that he had gone abroad to build a family business. This is stated in messages of the CECUkrainian News reports.

The CEC reported that the commission received the resolution of the Verkhovna Rada dated August 9, which prematurely terminated the mandate of People’s Deputy Kholodov, in connection with his personal statement about his resignation.

Kholodov was elected at the extraordinary elections of People’s Deputies of Ukraine on July 21, 2019 in the state-wide multi-mandate electoral district from the political party “Servant of the People”.

The Central Committee considered the specified resolution and recognized Tararin, the next candidate included in the election list of the “Servant of the People” party under No. 147, as an elected People’s Deputy.

At the time of his candidacy for the Council in 2019, he worked as a lawyer of the Gelon law firm, the founder and owner of which was People’s Deputy from “Servant of the People” Serhii Ionushas. Since 2019, this company has been registered under Hanna Ionushas. The firm “Helon”, which works in the field of intellectual property, represented in particular the interests of Volodymyr Zelenskyi’s “Kvartal 95” studio.

In 2015, Tararin received a lawyer’s license from the Bar Council of the Kyiv region.

As reported by Ukrainian News Agency, on August 9, the Verkhovna Rada prematurely terminated the mandate of a deputy from the “Servant of the People” faction Andrii Kholodov in connection with his submission of the relevant application. According to mass media, Kholodov has been abroad since January of this year, where he is building a family business.

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