The Council drew attention to the problem of dubious LPG from the Baltic countries


The Committee on Energy and Housing and Communal Services of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine decided to appeal to the parliaments of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania regarding the need to abandon the import of Russian liquefied gas.

“We do not directly appeal to them to impose sanctions, because there must be a pan-European decision for sanctions. We are writing in order to initiate consultations… to initiate a discussion on this matter, so that if we do not implement sanctions outright, then let’s try to do something with this narrow segment,” explained People’s Deputy Inna Sovsun at the committee meeting on Friday.

In turn, the head of the energy committee, Andriy Gerus, noted that Russian oil and gas is imported into the Baltic countries with certificates of origin, after which it can enter the Ukrainian market without certificates.

“The difference is that we do not accept Russian certificates, but these countries do. If they did not do this, gas would not reach us, or them, or other European countries. However, we understand that this is a work process, and here, I am sure that in the course of the dialogue it is possible to come to some kind of solution,” he emphasized.

We will remind you that recently the Ukrainian market has been filled with cheap Russian autogas under the guise of a Baltic and Polish mix. Because of this, according to market players, Ukraine loses other sources of supply and may once again be held hostage by the Russians.

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