The curfew in Kyiv on Easter will not be canceled


On the night of Easter, April 16, the curfew in the capital will last as usual – from 00:00 to 05:00.

The KMVA reports that the curfew will not be postponed or canceled primarily for the safety of Kyiv residents and guests of the capital.

It is clarified that the needs of the faithful will be fully met on Easter. Starting at night, clergymen will conduct services that will be broadcast online on central television channels, on the Internet platform Youtube and on Facebook.

At the end of the curfew, people will be able to go to church and consecrate the Easter basket.

Serhii Popko, the head of the Kyiv City Military Administration, asks the faithful to approach visiting churches with an understanding of the requirements of martial law and responsibly. There is no need to try to sanctify the baskets immediately after the end of the curfew.

He also emphasized that there is no need to gather in large numbers in the middle and near the temples and put yourself and others at risk.

“Clergymen will bless everyone’s Easter baskets! And don’t forget the air raid signals. When danger is declared, go to the nearest shelter. Take care of yourself and your loved ones,” Serhiy Popko said.

Citizens were reminded: during the curfew it is forbidden to be on the street and in public places; move by transport without a special pass or on foot.

Kiyan was urged to calculate the time correctly and return home before the curfew comes into effect.

Currently, the capital is holding spring toloks. All communal enterprises and relevant city services are involved in maintaining order in the capital’s parks and squares. Work is also in full swing on the home grounds, children’s and sports grounds, roads and other areas.


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