The digital state is another myth from the National Bank of Ukraine or a “subtle game” to stay ahead


In recent years, we have only heard about the successes of the national Government in matters of digitization and significant improvement of the population’s life.

And, indeed, they have already digitized everything they could – from archives to state systems and registers. But has life become better for the average Ukrainian?

The answer is obvious: “No”.

Because most of the government’s “genius” projects were reduced to copying information from paper media or banal embezzlement of funds allocated for another initiative.

There is no need to look for confirmation of this statement. Just remember the recent failure in the “ACTION” electronic service. They say that millions of files with personal data of Ukrainians fell into the hands of outsiders.

However, there is also a positive side to this issue – we must state that the transformation of the state into a “digital prison” is delayed indefinitely.

However, the total failure of the Ministry of Digital and similar bodies does not stop other “statesmen” who are deliberately “aimed” at improving the lives of the population, both through the infamous “digitalization” and the introduction of a liberal policy in the field of the use of crypto-assets, the formation of the legal framework for their circulation and control over by him

So, on September 8, 2021, the Verkhovna Rada voted the corresponding Law #3637, which, at first glance, was supposed to create conditions for the legalization of the cryptocurrency market in Ukraine. The infamous Ministry of Statistics and NBU were appointed responsible executors.

What is the result of the next “digital” reform we are currently seeing?
The answer is obvious: “With a minus sign.”

In addition, the deliberate actions or criminal inaction of some representatives of the authorities leads to a rapid outflow of large domestic market players.

In particular, in an exclusive interview with, the founder of Ukraine’s oldest crypto exchange is considering exiting the Ukrainian market.

Mykhailo Chobonyan

Among the reasons are regulatory uncertainty and full-scale war.

This is the result of the work of NBU officials and Mr. Fedorov. It is certain that creating conditions for the functioning of the cryptocurrency market and attracting millions of investments has become more difficult than “photocopying” old archives and manipulating OVGZ.

Sad and unfortunate.

But that’s not all. Another “masterpiece” idea from the NBU is generally impressive: On May 23, the NBU decided to limit outgoing card-to-card transfers to 30 transactions per month and the amount of 100,000 hryvnias.

In summary, we have the following “improvement” results:

  • – prohibition of travel abroad;
  • – restrictions on the provision of consular services;
  • – the destruction of the promising cryptocurrency market, millions of investments and thousands of jobs;
  • – permanent outflow of high-tech companies;
  • – total control over every action of a citizen;
  • – total inactivity of the NBU and the Ministry of Statistics.

Such conclusions lead to the idea that either the mentioned state institutions are deliberately impersonating the Office of the President, or the democracy of will and freedom can be put to the test, because there is no place for the right to freedom in a digital prison.

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