The expert told how the iPhone will change after integration with artificial intelligence


Apple will implement neural networks in the work of iOS 18, the expert explained what this means for ordinary users

Media reports that Apple and OpenAI have agreed to cooperate to use their artificial intelligence in the company’s new devices. This collaboration will lead to new features in the new version of iOS 18. Some experts predict that iOS 18 will be the most significant update in the history of the iPhone. Ivan Giganov, an expert in artificial intelligence, spoke about the new opportunities that the integration of artificial intelligence on Apple devices will bring.

Giganov explained that the new functions will be available in Apple’s main applications, such as “Messages”, “Notes” and “Mail”. AI will also be used to suggest web page summaries in the Safari browser and to answer questions. In iOS 18, the ability to process photos, transcribe audio notes and control the device with your eyes will appear.

In addition, Siri, Apple’s voice assistant, will be improved, allowing it to perform a wide range of tasks, such as creating calendar appointments and making shopping lists. Apple is already testing its own Ajax language model for generating text responses, but plans to use OpenAI’s cloud servers for more complex tasks.

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