The family of Kyiv native Astamur Gumba, who died at the front, opened a studio named after him


Astamur Gumba’s parents created a production studio thanks to a grant from the Ukrainian Veterans Fund.

The strategy of the Ukrainian Veterans Fund states that it is a platform for the development of veteran opportunities.

“We create projects and increase capacity so that our defenders and their families have state support for the development of their own initiatives and recovery,” says the foundation’s website regarding the motivation for its work.

The Ukrainian Veterans’ Fund conducted two competitive financing programs for veteran business “VARTO”.

53 applicants became the winners. The total amount of financing under the contracts is 49 million hryvnias.

Among those who took advantage of the fund’s opportunities are the parents of Astamur Gumba, a graduate of T.G. Shevchenko KNU, who went to the TRO on the first day of the invasion.

He had the call sign “Abkhaz”, because he was born in Abkhazia, he was taken out of Sukhumi by his mother, journalist Nataliya Ishchenko, when Russian troops invaded Abkhazia in the early 1990s.

Astamur Gumba first defended Kyiv, and then, as part of the 130th battalion of ground defense, liberated Kharkiv Oblast, where he died.

Astamur Gmuba is a fighter of the 130th battalion of the Terrodefense of Kyiv. Photo: Archive of N. Ishchenko

The parents learned about the possibility of a grant from a message from the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on Facebook. In the fall of 2022, they applied and received it. According to them, such a grant involves four stages. They are currently in the fourth stage, actually, production.

Grants of the Ukrainian Veterans Fund are intended for veterans and military families. Both for those who serve and for those who died.

“We applied for business development. We had a visual production project. Now we are ready to make vlogs for those who want to start or go from amateur video to professional quality. We will make video clips, reportage or advertising, record interviews. We have a studio, we have lighting and sound equipment, equipment for editing, cameras, everything you need for work,” she told “Vechirnyi Kyiv” Natalia Ishchenko (Gumba).

Natalia Ishchenko (Gomba) with Oles Donii live during the presentation of “Goomba.Studio”.

The presentation of the new case “Goomba.Studio” was held in a mixed version – online, on Facebook. Famous historians and political scientists came to the studio. It was an informative micro-marathon with small interviews in the studio.

“Viewers wrote to us asking us to make such a product of mini-marathons to inform people,” said Natalka, who is a well-known international journalist and specialist in the Balkans, about the first reviews.

According to her, the name of the production company did not appear for nothing

“We wrote it the way our son wrote his last name on Facebook,” Ms. Natalia said.

“We are ready to do what the military needs for free,” the defender’s mother added.

Announcement of the “Goomba.Studio” presentation.

Astamur Gumba’s parents have long been known in journalism and media business. They implemented various media projects, but now they will be able to develop modern video production as well.

“In order to receive a grant, you need at least minimal management experience. It is not easy for a beginner. At one time, I went through many trainings as a manager and as a person who should be able to manage finances (at UKU, in particular). And this became the main factor of our victory,” Nataliya Ishchenko said about the necessary experience to receive such grants.

Site “Goomba.Studio” has all the contacts for those who want to make high-quality blogs, films, photoshoots, commercials or other videos and any photos and videos. Currently, the production company can provide services within the city of Kyiv.

By the way, Ukrainian Veterans Fund positions itself as a platform for the development of veteran opportunities. It is an institution under the management of the Ministry of Veterans Affairs of Ukraine and works for veterans and their families.

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