The head of the CIA talked about the weak points of the Russian Federation in the war and promised Ukraine to exchange intelligence


Director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) of the USA, William Burns, promised Ukraine the exchange of intelligence and support, and also talked about the weak points of the Russian Federation in the war. He told about this at the Security Forum in Aspen on July 20, he writes Bloomberg July 21.

“It will be a difficult task, but we will do everything we can as an intelligence agency to provide the kind of support and intelligence sharing that will help the Ukrainians make progress,” Burns said of what he believes Ukraine will be able to advance in its offensive against Russian Federation

The head of the CIA emphasized that there are a number of significant structural deficiencies at the core of Russia’s defense. These include, in particular, low morale, poor general qualities, and disarray among the political and military leadership.

In addition, Burns noted that the mutiny of Wagner mercenary leader Yevgeny Prigozhin in June “exposed some significant flaws in the system that Putin built.”

“For many Russians watching this, who are used to this image of Putin as an arbiter of order, the question was whether the emperor has no clothes, or at least why he is taking so long to get dressed,” the head of the CIA said on this occasion, adding that Putin will probably try not to give the impression that he is overreacting to the mutiny.

Earlier, Zelenskyi said that Ukraine has no secrets from the CIA.

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