The head of the State Energy Inspectorate called on citizens and businesses to contact the hotline in case of difficulties with the construction of distributed generation facilities


The State Energy Supervision Inspection of Ukraine (Derzhenergonadzor) operates a hotline to which citizens and businesses can contact in case of difficulties and bureaucratic problems during the construction of distributed generation facilities, as well as provide their proposals for accelerating the development of this industry.

“The government is making maximum efforts to develop distributed generation. There are no restrictions here. The main thing is that more is better. Every citizen, by installing, for example, solar batteries, makes a significant contribution to the energy independence of the country,” said the head of the inspection Ruslan Slobodian on the air of “Suspilny”. reported in the Derzhenergonadzor.

As Slobodian noted, the Cabinet of Ministers is currently creating the most favorable conditions for the priority development of distributed generation of all possible capacities – both for large businesses and for ordinary citizens.

The head of the Derzhenergonadzor recalled that the “Available 5-7-9% loans” program for the installation of gas turbine and gas piston installations has been expanded for businesses, and the procedure for connecting to electric and gas networks has been greatly simplified. Opportunities for interest-free lending for the installation of small solar stations, electricity storage systems and other facilities are opening up for citizens in turn.

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