The Kyiv Metro has announced the dates for the resumption of train traffic between Demiivska and Lybidska stations


In Kyiv, trains on the “blue” line of the subway between the “Demiivska” and “Lybidska” stations will be launched at the beginning of autumn. This was announced by the acting head of the Kyiv Metro Viktor Vyhivskyi in the comment “To the public“.

According to him, work on the construction site between the stations continues around the clock.

“We have now actually reached the final stage of work in the pit, the upper part of the tunnel has been dismantled and we have started dismantling the last elements of the tunnel construction,” said the head of the metro.

He emphasized that in the future specialists will undertake the installation of a new monolithic tunnel.

“Work is still being carried out directly inside the tunnel and in the adjacent areas. It is 27 meters on one side and 25 on the other. Work has already been completed there, which concerns, let’s say, the “treatment” of the tunnel, and work is currently underway to strengthen the tunnel around the perimeter,” said the head of the capital’s underground.

Repair work will continue until the end of the summer, after which it is necessary to carry out test starts of train traffic, and after that – the resumption of train traffic.

“For ourselves, we are looking at the intensity of execution, the work we are doing, that it will be possible to start the movement of trains at the beginning of autumn,” the official predicts.

He claims that now all difficult works have actually been completed.

“The main issue was to ensure efficient work in the pit itself, to prevent sand from being carried into the pit and water access. This work has already been done. Further, if the tunnel is already being dismantled, then only the works related to the installation of the tunnel and the direct work in the tunnel remain: laying tracks, cables and starting the movement of trains,” added Vyhivskyi.

Earlier it was reported that the Kyiv metro will increase Intervals between trains are approximately one minute during “off-peak” hours and 45 seconds during “peak” hours. This is due to the fact that the metro lacks personnel.

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