The mayor of Kyiv announced that three people were killed as a result of the Russian attack. UPDATED


The rocket attack on the capital began around three o’clock in the morning.

At 02:49 an “air alarm” signal sounded in the capital. Residents heard the sounds of explosions already at 03:05.

The mayor of Kyiv reported about the fall of fragments of downed Russian missiles in the Desnyan and Dnipro districts.

All emergency services were on the scene.

Klitschko also clarified that the rescuers gave information about the debris falling on the polyclinic in the Desnyan district. The windows in the high-rise building were also blown out.

Kyiv City Mayor Vitaly Klychko reported:

“According to the preliminary information of the rescuers, three dead people, two of them children, and 4 injured people were found in the Desnyan district. In total, doctors hospitalized 5 victims in Desnyansk and Dnipro districts.”

Later, around 8 in the morning, the Kyiv Police specified that one 11-year-old child had died.

Initially, according to the information of the doctors, 7 victims were already hospitalized in the capital’s medical facilities from the Dnipro and Desnyan districts. Two people were treated at the scene. Ambulance crews are still working at the scene of calls.

“In the Desnyansk and Dniprovsk districts, rescuers put out the fire due to debris falling on the roadways,” the mayor informs.

Updated 04:23

“According to doctors, there are currently 14 people injured in the Dnipro and Desnyan districts. 9 were hospitalized. “Five people received help on the spot,” Vitaliy Klitschko said.

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