The Ministry of Defense of Russia announced that two ships were damaged as a result of the attack on Sevastopol


The Ministry of Defense of Russia announced the damage as a result night strike two of his ships, which were being repaired at a factory in Sevastopol in the occupied Crimea.

“Tonight, the Armed Forces of Ukraine attacked the Ordzhonikidze ship repair plant in the city of Sevastopol with ten cruise missiles and three unmanned boats against a detachment of ships of the Black Sea Fleet crossing the sea,” the message reads.

The Russian agency said that seven cruise missiles were allegedly shot down by means of anti-aircraft defense, and the patrol ship “Vasily Bykov” destroyed unmanned boats.

There is no independent confirmation of these data yet. The Ukrainian authorities have not yet commented on the night strike in Crimea.

On the night of September 13, a correspondent of the Radio Liberty project Crimea. Realii reported about at least seven explosions, which sounded in Sevastopol. According to the report, the window panes shook from the blast wave, bright flashes and smoke were visible in the sky.

Motor vehicle traffic across the Kerch bridge, which connects the occupied Crimea with the territory of Russia, was blocked at that time.

The head of Russian-controlled Sevastopol, Mykhailo Razvozhaev, announced a missile attack on the city and that it was allegedly repelled by an air defense system. He also stated that the fire in the Kilen-balka area was “not at a civilian facility.” According to reports in Telegram channels, the fire broke out at the Ship Repair Plant. According to Krym.Realiya, complex repairs of ships of the Russian Navy are carried out there.

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