The mysterious “lake” on Mars turned out to be a mirage


In 2018, scientists received radar signals coming from under the polar cap of Mars. At that time, it was hypothesized that there could be a liquid lake under the ice, but a new study by specialists from the University of Texas at Austin, USA refuted this theory. These radar reflections are just a dusty mirage.

Lead study author Cyril Grima said: “To sustain water so close to the surface you need both a very salty environment and a strong source of ‘locally produced’ heat, but that doesn’t match what we know about this region.” It turned out to be quite simple to disprove the 2018 theory. Scientists have analyzed radar reflections over the entire surface of Mars. It turned out that the signals reflected from the plains with volcanic rocks coincided with what was received from the “water” in 2018. This led scientists to believe that the source of the mysterious signal was volcanic rock under the ice. Grima said: “On Earth, iron-rich lava flows can leave behind rocks that similarly reflect radar. Other possibilities include mineral deposits in dry riverbeds. In any case, finding out what they are could answer important questions about the history of Mars.” For example, some experts believe that bright radar signatures are clay formed as a result of rock erosion in water

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