The new economic theory is the key to preserving individual freedom


Taking into account the events of recent years, society is developing a vision that the development of digital technologies is arming humanity with the ability to exercise total control over the individual. The maximum development of total control over man means slavery, and everything will depend on who will be the master of these slaves…

There are thousands of examples of the introduction of such total control, such as chipping, artificial restrictions of rights and freedoms due to pandemic effects, active implementation of artificial intelligence systems in traditional spheres of life, mass censorship, transaction control, distance learning – depriving a person of the opportunity to communicate in a team, etc.

Of course, such a practice requires argumentation, and against this background slogans of “fighting terrorism, pandemic, hunger, slavery…” are actively used. That is, fighting an enemy that cannot be physically identified.

The only purpose of such actions is the struggle of governments with the threat of losing total control over the inhabitants of the planet, multiplied by the desire to receive excess profits.

It is natural that millions of inhabitants of the planet do not support such practices and try to unite in their struggle for human rights. In some places, they succeed, but, for the most part, manifestations of struggle end in protest actions and the beating of the demonstrators.

Of course, such resistance measures cannot be effective, because they are not organized, without a corresponding ideology, system and are caused only by the genetic desire of people to be free. Unlike them, the actions of governments are exclusively systemic in nature and act as a single, organized, ideologically formed mechanism. The basis of which is the principle of resource control, the equivalent of which is banal money.

So, it should be stated that on a global scale, the division of social strata into three main types has emerged:

  • Proponents of the traditional government management mechanism;
  • Amorphous mass;
  • Protestants are supporters of the protection of basic human rights and freedoms.

And, if everything is clear with the first two types, then the members of the third group are actively trying to form their own ideology, taking into account the specifics of the above-mentioned tendencies, which they oppose.

Among them, the revolutionary economic theory that earned the allegorical name “The new Sunrise” is of particular interest.

This theory is based on the principle of creating a global ecosystem to eliminate any form of mediation, including government mediation, and ensure full transparency of the transaction and relationships between participants.

This approach is associated with rethinking and rejecting the entire old system of socio-economic relations, traditionally burdened by two fundamental shortcomings:

  • The unlimited parasitic arbitrariness of intermediaries, from a banal trade broker to the state, as an intermediary between the producer and the consumer;
  • Irresponsible opportunism of manufacturers who seek to secretly save on the quality of products and set an inadequately high price for them.

The ecosystem is created as a fair alternative to the entire existing socio-economic system, based on the oligopolistic concealment of information about the actual content of transactions carried out from their final recipient. Such concealment also applies to the consumer properties of the offered product or service, the price structure, and the method of payment. In other words, the established “tradition” prompts manufacturers to quietly save on quality, traders to shamelessly inflate prices, and bankers to
covertly add their own commission to the final cost of the product or service, which together allows governments to exercise total control over resources, accordingly making money from it. Secretly.

The task of the new economic theory is to offer the mass consumer an extremely transparent and fair system, where hiding information will be fundamentally impossible, and any transaction will be open and available for verification at any time and by any system participant.

However, without the participation of the main parasitic intermediary – the State.

In the next part of the article, we will tell you about the scientific basis of the new economic theory and talk with a person who managed to create his own, multi-million ecosystem, which unites free, young and wise Protestants – the founders of the new world. A world without total state control.

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