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On September 20, the Office of the General Prosecutor of Ukraine conducted searches in the premises of the National Energy Company “Ukrenergo” company. It is a state-owned company that manages main power grids. During the searches, agreements and contracts with counterparties with which the company cooperates during 2019-2023 are checked.

This information can be found in the decision of the Pechersk District Court of the city of Kyiv, reports The search was also confirmed by representatives “Ukrenergo” itself.

This search is part of criminal proceedings No. 42023000000000452, which was registered by employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs on September 16. Play Video

Among the counterparty companies are such names as “Tsentrobud” LLC, “Sekur Integration” LLC, “Top Trading Line” LLC, “NVC Inbiotech” LLC, KVKP “Soyuz”, “Energo Krania” LLC, “Horos” LLC, MPP “Interenergoservice” LLC, “Eliz” LLC, “Kontur-M” LLC, “MGK Cherkasy” LLC, “Bud-Agro-Energo-Group” LLC, “Struktum” LLC and others. They provided goods and services for Ukrenergo during the specified years.

This proceeding was initiated based on the results of an audit conducted by the State Audit Service (SASU) back in March 2023.

The company reported:

“Ukrenergo supports the conduct of investigative actions and voluntarily provides representatives of the General Prosecutor’s Office with all the documents specified by the resolution. It should be noted that the company would voluntarily provide the investigators with all the necessary documents without conducting a search. But such an appeal to the company from the law enforcement officers was not received. From the list of documents of interest to the law enforcement officers, some contracts were subject to inspection by the State Audit Service.

We will remind you that the state audit of Ukrenergo was completed in March of this year. NEC “Ukrenergo” is contesting the results of the DASU audit in court, as it considers them biased and unprofessional, and some of them directly contradict the legislation. It is unfortunate that energy companies, like defense enterprises during the war, are forced to fight against the biased conclusions of the DASU. This does not contribute to effective preparation for the heating season, as well as increasing the country’s defense capabilities.”

It should be noted that the current Minister of Energy, Herman Galushchenko, expressed his desire to replace the head of Ukrenergo Volodymyr Kudrytsky, who headed the company in 2020.

One of the largest attempts at this change was the fact that in November-December 2021, the powers of the supervisory board of Ukrenergo expired, and a new board has not yet been appointed.

We will remind you that among the violations detected at the state-owned company are the acceptance and payment of construction works and purchase of equipment and materials at the facilities of “Ukrenergo” with an inflated cost, as well as carrying out construction and assembly and repair and construction works.

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