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New year, new batch of trends. I don’t know about you, but last year’s wave of TikTok “aesthetics” made it feel like every other week we’re introduced to a new trend or “core.” Even for a seasoned fashion veteran like myself, it was overwhelming and confusing, and worse, led to more than one unnecessary purchase of items that are already sitting in drawers under my bed. In 2023, I’m determined to focus less on the crazy rush of fashion and instead pay more attention to bigger, long-term trends so I don’t get overwhelmed and waste money. To that end, here are seven fashion trends that I predict will stand the test of time (or at least until 2024) and should be incorporated into your already chic wardrobe.


1. Shades of green

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again, green has officially replaced Barbie pink as the number one color trend of the year. Fendi, Michael Kors, Givenchy and of course Bottega Veneta’s spring/summer 2023 shows all included bright green looks, as did many of the designer’s collections. And street style stars add green notes to their outfits and even use monochrome looks from head to toe and “styles that mix and match several shades at once.” The best part is that it’s not just one particular shade that’s taking our closets by storm, meaning you can choose any green you like best and still feel on-trend.

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2. Practical bags

If you plan to buy just one thing this year, let it be a large practical bag. For the past few years, mini wallets and ’90s shoulder bags have been taking center stage as accessories. But in 2023, as we continue our slow return to our pre-pandemic habits, we’re also seeing a return to bags that are true carry-on bags, meaning large bags that can hold our laptops, trainers, Stanley water bottles, cosmetics. bags, library books and enough snacks for a station wagon full of kids. (Okay, maybe they can’t fit all these things at once, but they can still hold a lot.) Even better, these classic bags will never go out of style, so you can be sure you’ll need plenty of them, now and forever.

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3. Ballet shoes

The wave of trends in comfortable shoes continues, this time with the appearance of classic ballet flats. If hearing this news has you picturing the floppy, dirty round-toed slippers you wore to death in the morning (and therefore itching to wash your feet), don’t worry, these aren’t Blair Waldorf ballet flats. This time around, the glove-like design is replaced by a more structured shoe, with pointed and square-toed silhouettes taking on classic bow styles. The key is to find shoes that have structure and support, then pair them with individual wardrobe pieces to really amp up the chic vibe.

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4. Relaxed silhouettes of pants

Wide leg pants, baggy jeans, relaxed cargo pants, all of these comfy pants and more are trending right now, and I suspect they’ll continue to dominate skinny jeans and other curvy silhouettes. We love that there are so many different ways to take this trend, whether you prefer tailored trousers paired with button-down blouses or ’90s low-rise skater jeans paired with collared rugby shirts, so everyone can incorporate this into her wardrobe.

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5. The 90s finally got over Y2K mania

To be honest, the return of early aughts styles has brought with it a number of complex emotions, and I think many people will agree: it was not the best decade for fashion. But luckily, it looks like the ’90s have finally supplanted Y2K as the ultimate outfit inspiration. Knit dresses with cotton cardigans, basic white tank tops and T-shirts tucked into straight leather pants, and casual suits are making a comeback. So start saving images of Carolyn Bessett Kennedy, Rachel Green, and Naomi Campbell to your Pinterest board to use throughout the year.

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6. Revival of grunge

With the return of 90s fashion comes the rise of grunge-inspired trends, albeit with a 2020s twist. This version of grunge combines all the classics you know and love—Kurt Cobain-style oversized knits, Winona Ryder-style leather jackets, Courtney Love dresses, all kinds of Dr. . Instead of sporting torn pantyhose, people prefer lacy or openwork pairs. And the dirty headboard and smeared shadows are replaced by a sharp eyeliner with wings and hairstyles.

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7. Kitchy

For winter this means chunky colorful cardigans with pom-poms and other 3D details, and for summer it will be knitted lace, colorful mesh and other fine knits. The Row, Gabriela Hearst and Proenza Schouler showcased delicate knits at their Spring/Summer 2023 shows, while Loewe’s one-color striped logo sweater in contrasting ice blue and bright orange seemed to be everywhere to start the new year. . Have fun choosing trendy sweaters, cardigans, dresses and even knitted pants to create a stylish wardrobe in 2023.

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