The President’s Office reported on downed missiles in Kyiv region and Cherkasy region


The head of the OP Andriy Yermak reported that downed Kh-55SM missiles were already found in the villages of Myrotske and Tarasivka in the Kyiv region, and Russian scrap metal was also found in other regions.

Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces General Valery Zaluzhnyi stated that from the evening of May 8 to the morning of May 9, the Air Force shot down 23 of 25 enemy missiles.

In Kyiv, fragments of a downed rocket fell on a homestead plot in Holosiyivskyi district and Shevchenkivskyi district. Their photo was shown by the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Head of the Office of the President of Ukraine Andrii Yermak published a message in a telegram that a downed missile (X-55SM) fell into the yard of a private house in the village of Myrotske in the Buchansky district of the Kyiv region. The roof was damaged by debris. There are no dead or injured.

Another rocket was discovered in the village of Tarasivka, Boyarska TG, Fastiv district, in a field. According to the characteristics, it is also similar in appearance to the Kh-55SM cruise missile.

“In Cherkasy region, in a forest area near the village of Orshanets, the remains of a missile, according to preliminary findings, were found to be Kh-101. The explosion caused a fire, which was extinguished. There are no casualties. The blast wave damaged 47 windows of the Cherkasy Regional Tuberculosis Dispensary building, — Andriy Yermak told details about the Russians’ “feats” on May 9.

The staff of the medical facility evacuated 47 patients to an undamaged part of the building. Also, in the Zvenyhorod district, the site of the fall of the second rocket was found without consequences.

Later, he added: “Russians should be banned from visiting European countries. Sanctions should be tough so that each of them feels the price of war.”

The mayor of Kyiv reported on the debris of rockets that fell in residential areas.

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