The prosecutor’s office will appeal the verdict in the case of murder in Troeshchyna


The Desnian District Court of Kyiv sentenced a 48-year-old recidivist murderer to 13 years in prison.

The prosecution requested that the convicted criminal be sentenced to 15 years in prison.

As the spokeswoman of the Kyiv City Prosecutor’s Office, Nadiya Maksimets, told “Vechirnyi Kyiv”, the sentence will be challenged in the appeal procedure due to the mildness of the sentence. According to her, the punishment imposed by the court does not correspond to the nature of the public danger of the committed crime and the personality of the accused.

The prosecutor proved in court that in November 2021, an argument broke out between two men who were drinking alcoholic beverages in an apartment on Volodymyr Mayakovsky Avenue (now Chervonaya Kalyna). During the fight, the accused with a folding knife inflicted no less than six blows on the neck and chest of his fellow drinker. The man died on the spot from his injuries.

The killer took things with traces of blood from the apartment to hide the crime and took the victim’s mobile phone with him. He also threatened the victim’s mother if she called the police. After that, he fled from the scene of the crime. The police searched for and detained the suspect.

In court, the accused did not admit his guilt, did not repent of what he had done. Previously, the man was brought to criminal responsibility four times, in particular, he served 11 years for intentional murder.

Earlier, in the Kyiv region, a man hacked his girlfriend with an ax after drinking vodka with her.

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