The tape “Unnecessary things” by Dmitry Lisenbart won an award at the Prague Film Awards


The animated short film “Unnecessary Things”, based on Robert Shackley’s short story “The Shop of Ancient Wonders”, won the Best Animated Film award in the Czech Republic.

About this informs State cinema “”Unnecessary Things” is named the winner of the award in recognition of meeting the highest standards of excellence in the category,” the Prague Film Awards said.

The debut film tells the story of a robot named Rob. Once he was walking through the city and saw an elderly man sitting in a chair in the window of the “Shop of Unnecessary Things”. Next to the man was a “For Sale” sign. The owner of the store reported that the product was for sale. The man’s name was Robert. Rob wanted a friend. He completed the purchase and received a receipt. Robert explained that he was now Rob’s pet and now he had to provide him with a roof over his head and food, as well as make sure he didn’t get bored. A robot and a person began to live together…

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