The Ukrainian Embassy held a press conference “Ukrainian-Serbian relations. View from Kyiv”


On May 12, a press conference “Ukrainian-Serbian relations. View from Kyiv”, organized by the Embassy of Ukraine in the Republic of Serbia.

Ambassador of Ukraine Volodymyr Tolkach and former ambassador of Ukraine to the Republic of Croatia, well-known Ukrainian expert on Balkan issues Oleksandr Levchenko took part in the press conference.

The event began with an opening speech by the head of the Ukrainian diplomatic mission, during which the importance of the work of the information front in the context of conveying objective information about the Russian-Ukrainian war to the Serbian society was emphasized, given the presence of powerful Russian propaganda in the Serbian media space, as well as the degree of influence of the Russian factor on Ukrainian-Serbian relations.

Oleksandr Levchenko, being a qualified historian, began his speech on Ukrainian-Serbian relations, using historical facts little known to the Serbian public. The Ukrainian expert warned Serbian society and separately emphasized the wide use, including and in the Serbian media, the Russian narrative of “brotherhood” and what tragic consequences it later had for the Ukrainian people.

O. Levchenko familiarized those present with the current situation in Ukraine and the attitude of Ukrainian society to Russian aggression and the support provided by most countries of the world to our state in these tragic days.

At the end of the press conference, Volodymyr Tolkach thanked the authorities of Serbia for the humanitarian assistance provided, noting that Ukraine needs much more help from its partners in the fight against the Russian aggressor, primarily weapons and ammunition, and political support. Currently, Ukraine is protecting not only its statehood and European future, but also the security of all of Europe, including Serbia, at an incredibly high cost.

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