The Ukrainian Institute of Books has published a list of bestsellers for 2022


Ukrainian Book Institute composed the selection of bestsellers of the Ukrainian book market for 2022, the list includes both Ukrainian books and translations.

The UIC divided the results into three categories:

Ukrainian bestsellers of publishers-2022 — among which, for example, “Daughter” by Tamara Gorikha Zernya, “New dark ages. Colony” by Max Kidruk, “Where the Wind Goes” Lyubka Deresha and others. You can familiarize yourself with the full list here.

Translated bestsellers of publishers-2022 — which included Joan Lindsay’s Overhanging Rock Picnic, George Orwell’s classic 1984, The Dopamine Generation. Where is the line between pain and pleasure” by Anna Lembke and a number of other books in the genres of fiction, history, psychology and others. You can get acquainted with the full list here.

Bestsellers of booksellers-2022 — “The case of Vasyl Stus. A collection of documents from the archive of the former KGB of the Ukrainian SSR” by Vakhtang Kipiani, “Melody of coffee in the tonality of cardamom” by Natalia Nurnytska, “Fables” by Hryhoriy Skovoroda and others. You can get acquainted with the full list here.

In total, the list contains two bestsellers each — Ukrainian and translated — from 33 publishers: Apricot, ACCA, Belka, Bearded Tamarin, Bookraine, Bookshef, Anetta Antonenko Publishing House, Zhupansky Publishing House, Stary Lev Publishing House, Vivat, Vikhola, Zalizniy Tato, Kalamar , Klio, Knygolav, Club of Family Leisure, Laboratory, Magenta Art Books, Motor Snail, Shell, Our Format, Nebo Booklab, NIKA-Center, Basis, Portal, Ranok, Smoloskip, TUT, Fabula, Folio, Ukrainer, Yakaboo Publishing.

Also, 6 bestsellers (3 Ukrainian and 3 translated) from each of the booksellers — Vivat, Knizhkovy klub “Klub Semeinoy Dozvillya”, Knigarnia Ye, Nash Format and Yakaboo — were entered.

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