The US is trying to contain the consequences of the leak of classified Pentagon data


The Pentagon is trying to contain the fallout from the release of top-secret intelligence about the war in Ukraine, as well as other classified information from Asia and the Middle East.

About this notifies Financial Times.

The US Department of Justice has launched its own investigation into the possible “leaking” of secret Pentagon documents to social networks, which contain information on US aid to Ukraine.

According to the press secretary of the Pentagon, Sabrina Singh, an interagency effort was launched, focused on assessing the impact of copies of these documents on the national security of the United States and its allies and partners.

It was emphasized that the leak turned out to be the most significant since Edward Snowden made public a series of secret documents about the activities of the US intelligence a decade ago. Officials said the leaked data was mostly authentic and covered a range of topics directly related to Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine.

It is also added that, in addition to the war in Ukraine, China, Iran, South Korea and Israel are also mentioned. The documents aim to show that both Russia and Ukraine face failures in training and equipping their troops.

As reported, the documents confirm that the American intelligence at the highest level penetrated the Russian military departments and can receive information about daily decisions regarding Ukraine.

Therefore, the secret Pentagon documents leaked on social media reveal a picture of Ukraine’s military potential: the size of battalions, training with advanced weapons and the deployment of heavy battle tanks, such as Leopard 2 tanks.

In addition, the documents contain information about the shortcomings of the Ukrainian army. Therefore, the material describes how Ukraine may soon run out of ammunition for Soviet-era anti-aircraft missile systems.

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