The US Ministry of Justice will investigate the “leaking” of secret Pentagon documents


Classified military documents regarding US and NATO plans were published on social media this week.

The US Department of Justice is launching an investigation into the alleged leak of classified military documents.

It is reported Sky News.

The US Department of Justice declined to provide any details about the investigation. There they only noted that they are in contact with the Pentagon regarding this issue.

We will remind you that the classified military documents regarding the plans of the USA and NATO, which relate to the build-up of the Ukrainian army before the planned counteroffensive, were published this week on social networks. It was noted that this may be an attempt at disinformation by Moscow. However, in the United States, investigations were undertaken to identify the source of the leak of classified information.

On Friday, April 7, a new batch of secret documents appeared on social networks, detailing American national security secrets, ranging from Ukraine to the Middle East and China.

As the advisor to the head of the President’s Office Mykhailo Podolyak stated, the information about the alleged “leak” of data from secret documents of the Western allies is a typical game of the Russian special services.

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