The USA should deploy nuclear weapons in Ukraine, – Oleksandr Dubovoi


Politician, businessman, chairman of the expert council of JSC KIEP, philanthropist Oleksandr Dubovoi believes that the placement of American nuclear weapons on the territory of Ukraine will be a symmetrical response to the redeployment of tactical nuclear weapons by the Russian Federation to Belarus.

It is said in his author’s article.

“In the conditions when Russia has already violated the nuclear taboo by placing tactical nuclear weapons on the territory of an officially nuclear-free state – Belarus, the placement of American nuclear weapons by the States in Ukraine should be a symmetrical response to the actions of the Russian Federation,” the politician emphasizes in his article.

Oleksandr Dubovoy also noted that, unlike the Budapest memorandum, which turned out to be an unfulfilled formality, the move to deploy nuclear weapons would really strengthen the security of not only Ukraine, but also the whole of Europe. It would restrain the aggressive plans of the Russian Federation and prevent new attacks on Ukraine in the future.

“The West is extremely cautious in these matters and is trying to avoid an escalation that could lead to a direct conflict with the Russian Federation,” said Oleksandr Dubovoi.

According to Dubovoy, Ukrainian diplomats should more actively convey the position regarding the placement of US nuclear weapons in Ukraine to the Western establishment.

“The real danger is that Russia seems to be succeeding every time using nuclear blackmail, sending a dangerous signal to other totalitarian countries that nuclear threats work,” the politician emphasized.

According to Oleksandr Dubovoy, after February 24, the entire deterrence system built after the Second World War – the Security Council, the OSCE, public organizations – turned out to be completely powerless. A new system of security guarantees is needed not only for Ukraine, but also for the whole of Europe.

“Essentially, Europe pursued a policy of appeasement of the aggressor, very similar to that which was in relation to Hitler at the end of the 30s of the last century,” Dubovoy noted. As a result, connivance and impunity only increased the appetites of the aggressor state.

Oleksandr Dubovoi also reminded that some NATO member countries recently declared their readiness to conclude security agreements with Ukraine. “In essence, they can resemble Israel’s defense relations with the United States,” Oleksandr Dubovy believes.

“In the coming months, the West must increase the volume and pace of supplying weapons – tanks, long-range missiles and other weapons, start training Ukrainian pilots on the F-16, so that Ukraine can regain control over most of its territories. Along with the security agreement, the EU should develop a plan for economic support for Ukraine and offer a clear timetable for joining the EU, which would give Ukraine the light at the end of the tunnel that it so deserves,” the politician concludes.

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