The virtual world has reacted to the latest events – there are less than three hours left until the launch of the project!


The difference between the real and virtual world is becoming more and more noticeable. If in the real world there is total censorship, and the rules of behavior are dictated by the one who has more weapons, then the creators of the virtual world are trying to make it more comfortable for visitors – fair, free, without wars and cataclysms.

So, on February 22, 2022, an international group of developers will present a unique the game. Its main effective characters are well-known political figures, but depicted in the form of rats. For example: Greta Tumberg..

Greta Thumberg)

Greta’s wonderful company consists of Vladimir Putin, Donald Trump and other well-known and hated persons:

The rules of the game are quite simple – the player buys the character he likes and starts the competition for survival. You can familiarize yourself with them in more detail here.

In addition to the playful component, the presented development consists of a commercial and actual ideological component, presented here.

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