The White House is confident of bipartisan support for the increase in aid to Ukraine requested by Biden


The administration of US President Joe Biden is sure that both parties of Congress will support the allocation of $40 billion in emergency funding, more than half of which is intended for Ukraine. White House Press Secretary Karin Jean-Pierre stated this on August 14 at a briefing, the transcript of which publishes website of the department.

According to her, the White House continues outreach work among congressmen, proving to them the importance of helping Kyiv in the fight against Russia’s unprovoked aggression.

“In terms of our engagement with Congress, senior administration officials have had numerous conversations, calls with legislators on the ground from both parties to explain the need and to emphasize the extraordinary nature of this request… We are confident that this support will continue as we work together to to make sure that the Ukrainian people have everything they need to continue the brave fight for their freedom,” said Jean-Pierre.

Request to Congress for $40 billion in emergency financing It was published on the White House website on August 10. US Management and Budget Director Shalanda Young handed it to House Speaker Kevin McCarthy.

About $24 billion of them should go to support Ukraine and some other countries suffering due to migration and natural disasters. CNN clarified that the request includes more than $13 billion in security assistance and $7.3 billion in economic and humanitarian aid for Kyiv.

As I wrote The Washington Post, Leaders of both parties in the Senate are expected to support the president’s request, but dozens of far-right members of the House of Representatives have made it clear they will oppose any new aid to Ukraine.

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