The world’s first baby carriage with augmented reality was presented. Among its creators is the Ukrainian studio FFFACE.ME


Air-X Woo features an accent design, and an Instagram filter from FFFACE.ME helps bring the illustrator’s alien print to life Mr. Woody Woods in augmented reality. So in Air-X Woo 3 living aliens can flip, hover, move and wink. In addition, they can be easily placed in the palm of your hand or returned to the illustration. The manufacturers note that this is the first “reviving” AR cart on the market.

“Air-X Woo is a stroller designed for older children up to 3-4 years old, who can already actively interact with the world and for whom everything around them is interesting. So AR gives an additional level of perception, thanks to which a child can explore aliens and develop his own imagination during a walk.”comment in Anex.

The illustrator of the collaboration was Mr. Woody Woods, an art director from Great Britain who has been drawing in the style of doodling for over 8 years. The artist has also collaborated with Dr Martens, BBC, Marks and Spencer, Next, and his bright and bold illustrations have won the love of fans around the world.

“I’ve been a dad for three and a half years now – and it’s amazing. But I also know very well that parenting is a full-time job. So I wanted to create a design that was fun and exciting. So that parents smile and have fun during walks. I didn’t want to create something too serious. Knowing the important role a stroller plays in the lives of young children, I wanted to create a design that would be interesting for both children and their parents. I really liked the idea of ​​a bunch of little aliens joining parents on adventures with their kids, and all the storytelling opportunities that could provide.” – commented Mr. Woody Woods.

“We love to experiment and are always looking for cool opportunities to make our designs more interesting. Woody’s portfolio caught our attention precisely with these small doodle patterns. At first we planned to make just a pattern for a stroller, but after getting to know Woody better, we realized that he is super charismatic and has his own style. This is very rare, actually. So our cooperation turned into a full-fledged AR-collaboration.”comment in Anex.

According to the press release.

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