“They handed over a mandate to continue criminal activity”: Gelzin reacted harshly to the re-election of Pavelek to the UEFA Executive Committee


The former president of Donetsk Olimpic Vladyslav Gelzin commented on the re-election of the head of the Ukrainian Football Association Andrii Pavelek as a member of the UEFA Executive Committee.

Andrii Pavelko was there the other day re-elected for another four-year term to the UEFA executive committee. Vladyslav Gelzin is outraged by the fact that so far only some club presidents express their negative opinion about Pavelek in public.

“The voices of individual club managers, who publicly speak about the arbitrariness of Pavelek and his accomplices, remain isolated attempts to open the eyes of the football public to his activities.

There was hope that people would be outraged by the open lawlessness committed by this person who clung to the chair of the head of the UAF with all his might.”

According to the ex-president of Olimpik, it was because of the tacit consent of the club’s owners that Pavelko got a position at UEFA.

“With the tacit consent of our football community, Pavelko, who compromised himself, was re-elected to the UEFA executive committee. It is shameful and sad that all this is happening with the tacit consent of the heads and functionaries of the clubs.”

Summing up, Gelzin said that the re-election of Pavelko is a defeat for all Ukrainian football.

“Instead of stopping the arbitrariness of Pavelko and his “team”, by their inaction they actually give Pavelko a mandate to continue his criminal activities, which have nothing to do with the development of football in our country. This is not his victory, but the defeat of all Ukrainian football,” Helzyn wrote on Facebook.

It should be noted that Pavelka was temporarily removed from the post of UAF president by the decision of the Pechersk Court of the city of Kyiv, which was adopted on February 17 and extended until May 13.

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