Tina Karol told how she reacted to the fact that she was not given an award in Ukraine


Singer Tina Karol, known for her talented and emotional music, reacted to being overlooked at the 2022 YUNA Awards by presenting in only one category, “Best Female Artist”. The star spoke with maximum understanding of the situation, stressing that her then new song collections “Beautiful” and “Double Heaven” could be on the list of nominees for “Best Album of the Year”.

As always, the pop diva used her favorite technique of “soft power”. She did not go on TV channels with the scandal, did not insult everyone involved in this not very pleasant situation for her, but provided facts on social networks that confirmed the mistake of the organizers.

At the same time, Tina revealed that despite winning the award 6 times, being nominated for YUNA is always a great honor and she is very grateful for this recognition. However, the artist also reminded that she always puts her work and music first, not forgetting that the main goal of her creative path is to bring joy and emotions to listeners.

Now she has a new task and new heights. She and her team submitted their work to the worldwide Grammy Award, which is considered the most prestigious and, one might say, is the “Oscar” in the field of music.

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