Ukraine today is an enclave of criminal elements (Part 2).


Iryna Sadovska is a person involved in the case of illegal alienation of land worth millions of US dollars.

In the first part of the investigation, journalists “The National Bureau of Investigative Journalism” told us about a married couple of Ukrainian officials – the former deputy minister of justice of Ukraine and the former deputy head of the district state administration, who deliberately did not declare their million-dollar fortune, which is hundreds of times higher than the level of official income. In addition, they began to investigate the alleged involvement of this married couple in the commission of a number of serious crimes, which became the reason for the enrichment of corrupt high-level state officials (

On February 14, 2022, the second part of the publication was published, in which international investigative journalists continue to cover criminal episodes in which, with a high degree of probability, the heroes of the investigation may be involved.

Next, we publish direct language with a link to the material “The National Bureau of Investigative Journalism”

“Yes, Iryna Sadovska, who was the deputy minister of justice of Ukraine for state registration, appears in the case regarding the transfer of water fund lands into private ownership. “NBIJ” learned about this from the website of the Obukhiv district court of the Kyiv region, the Unified Register of Advocates and the Unified State Register of Declarations.

In particular, in his declarations Iryna Sadovska indicated that she is a co-owner of three plots in the urban-type village of Kozyn, Kyiv region, Ukraine, where, by the way, the former president of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko, also has an estate.

IN profiles Sadovska’s name in the Unified Register of Advocates is written that she used to have the surname Rudeshko. On site Obukhiv district court of Kyiv region, we found information about the case on the claim of the first deputy prosecutor of Kyiv region in the interests of the state represented by the Kozyn settlement council of Obukhiv district of Kyiv region to Obukhiv RDA, the Department of State Land Agency in Obukhiv district of Kyiv region and a number of individuals, in particular, Sadovska (Rudeshko) Iryna Oleksandrivna.

According to the investigation, the Obukhiv RDA of the Kyiv region, in violation of the legislation, by order No. 168 of December 21, 2009, approved a land management project regarding the allocation of land plots within the boundaries of the Kozyn settlement council, which removed 48.5 hectares from the use of a number of private companies – bona fide users.

By the same order, 48.5 ha of a single massif was transferred free of charge to 27 citizens for personal farming. In less than a week, the new owners alienated the plots to other persons, in particular, on March 24, 2010– exactly on the day that Iryna Sadovska indicated in her declaration as the date of acquisition of ownership rights to three plots in Kozyna.

According to the State Land Agency in Obukhiv district, the Dnipro Basin Water Resources Department, these plots of land were transferred at the expense of water fund lands and at the expense of lands represented by hayfields and shrubs. And according to the information of the State Agency of Land Resources and the administration of the State Land Agency in Obukhiv district, the composition of the plots of land, which were transferred to ownership in 2009 to 11 citizens, was changed due to hydrowashing of sand to land plots of previous land users. Thus, this land was illegally transferred to private ownership, the prosecutor’s office claimed.

In October 2015, the prosecutor’s office through the Obukhov District Court made a decision in absentia canceled order of 2009, achieved the invalidation of 27 acts of ownership of land plots and demanded illegal possession of 20 plots. Court of Appeal of the Kyiv region on August 16, 2016 left this decision is unchanged. But on March 28, 2018, the Supreme Court canceled the decision of the Obukhiv District Court and the ruling of the Court of Appeal of the Kyiv Region and transferred the case to the Obukhiv District Court for a new trial. The court took into account the fact that there is already a resolution on closing the criminal proceedings from March 7, 2013 regarding the transfer of these plots to private ownership. The judges also decided that the prosecutor must prove whether he did not miss the statute of limitations, and that when considering such cases, the courts must take into account the conclusions of the European Court of Human Rights, which, in particular, refer to “payment of appropriate compensation or other appropriate compensation to the former bona fide owner”.

And this lady, who could be involved in the organization of criminal land acquisition, was appointed deputy minister of justice with control over state registrars of Ukraine.

That is, after the alleged commission of the crime, it was Iryna Sadovska who took a responsible position in the Ukrainian government, where she was responsible for and controlled the legality of the activities of persons who register all administrative acts (changes) related to land plots, real estate, etc.

Once again, we are convinced that personnel appointments in Ukraine are not based on common sense, but on another, exclusively corrupt, mafia logic, aimed not at improving the life of society, but at ensuring enrichment schemes for the ruling class.”

Again, it’s time to wait for any reaction from law enforcement agencies.

To be continued…

Author: human rights defender Kostyantyn Kryvopust

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