Ukraine won against Russia in the ECtHR in a case at the request of Moscow


The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) rejected in full all of Russia’s claims against Ukraine based on the complaint it filed in 2021.

As “European Truth” reports, this was announced by the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine and the press service of the ECtHR.

On July 18, the ECtHR announced the decision in the Russia v. Ukraine case, which arose on the basis of an application filed against Ukraine by the Russian government on July 22, 2021, on 10 groups of charges.

“In today’s decision, the ECtHR unanimously decided to reject the application,” the Court said.

The decision notes that Russia has ignored a number of requests from the court and has not participated in the process since it ceased membership in the Council of Europe.

Russia provided more than 2,000 packages of documents in support of its application in April 2022, but has since stopped communicating with Strasbourg and, in particular, ignored the court’s request for translations of the documents in May and did not respond to a letter sent in November asking whether , whether Russia is still interested in continuing the consideration of its application. In view of the constant lack of answers, the Court decided that “the Russian authorities are no longer interested in continuing the consideration of the application.”

However, the Court separately emphasized that the Russian Federation’s complaint against Ukraine was unfounded in all respects.

The court “did not find grounds related to the observance of human rights, as defined by the Convention and its protocols, which would require in any case to continue the consideration of the case,” the ECtHR noted, adding that the Russian complaint largely duplicates 8.5 thousand previously filed individual complaints. A significant part of these complaints, according to the data journalistic investigationswas “procedural spam” generated by lawyers associated with the occupation authorities.

The decision is final.

We will remind you that in the summer of 2021, Russia applied to the European Court of Human Rights the first interstate complaint against Ukraine under 10 groups of accusations, accusing Ukraine of the deaths of civilians in 2014, the MH17 disaster, shelling of Russian territories, and discrimination against the Russian-speaking population.

The Russian Federation asked to apply the “39th rule” regarding water supply to Crimea, obliging Ukraine to restore water supply. However, the ECHR refused temporary measures.

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