Ukrainian journalists analyzed in detail the contributions of domestic “oligarchs” to the victory (continued…)


In the previous one parts we announced a study of the contributions of Ukrainian billionaires to the approach of our victory, and we will start with the leader of the list of wealthy entrepreneurs, a philanthropist, an ardent connoisseur of football – Rinat Leonidovich Akhmetovawhose fortune, according to by the rating of Forbes amounted to 4.4 billion US dollars.

Despite a significant drop in equity and loss of control over many assets of the SCM group, Rinat Leonidovych Akhmetov remained in Ukraine, his enterprises continue to work and pay taxes and are consolidated to provide maximum support to both the state and each individual citizen. In particular, Shakhtar Football Club, Rinat Akhmetov Foundation, and all enterprises of the SCM group work together in the humanitarian direction.

According to the calculations of the SCM press service, 2.1 million people, or every 20th Ukrainian, received help. The richest Ukrainian is developing seven areas of aid: humanitarian (food, medicine, clothing, evacuation and archiving of testimonies of Ukrainians about the war); support of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the Ministry of Defense; assistance to displaced persons in the cities of SCM business presence; free electricity for doctors and military; delivery of a humanitarian aid from Europe; the shelter at Arena Lviv and the team’s charity tour; co-financing of the FreeDom foreign exchange.

A separate item should be the efforts of the group’s employees aimed at the prompt liquidation of the consequences of damage to the energy system of Ukraine. Yes, for by notification of DTEK: “during the year of the full-scale war, the company’s employees restored electricity in the homes of more than 7 million Ukrainians.”

In our opinion, the total amount of charitable aid, financing of the Armed Forces, TRO and critical infrastructure facilities, which was provided by Rinat Leonidovich Akhmetov, exceeds $130 million, taking into account the payment of $30 million in taxes in advance at the very beginning of the war, and automatically provides R .L. Akhmetov first place in the rating.

In addition to the charitable case of the wealthiest Ukrainian, we also paid attention to the charitable projects of another well-known domestic entrepreneur – a billionaire – Dmytro Vasylovich Firtash.

Dmytro Vasyliovych was forced to meet the beginning of a full-scale war in Vienna, as he is there awaiting a court decision regarding the possibility of his extradition to the USA due to a number of charges brought against him by the American authorities. In addition, his enterprises faced a number of problems at home: from initiated criminal proceedings that block their work to direct losses due to the war.

The combination of these factors has a negative effect on total wealth Ukrainian entrepreneur, however, it did not prevent him from allocating significant funds for the organization of humanitarian and charitable actions in Ukraine, bringing our victory closer.

Yes, as reported Group DF total costs of aid companies amounted to 588 million. and continue to increase. The largest items from them are the following: – $3.5 million to the special account of the NBU, providing humanitarian aid, purchasing medicines and oxygen for 17 hospitalssupport for the Ministry of Defense, arrangement of bomb shelters, etc.

Photo: infographic from the Group DF website

Therefore, the above information allows us to assert the fact that Dmytro Vasyliovych Firtash did not remain aloof from the Ukrainian-Russian war and systematically implements multi-million charity projects.


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