Ukrainians submitted 28,000 applications to the “Offensive Guard”.


All divisions are practically formed.

Since February, 28,000 volunteers have applied to participate in the “Offensive Guard” and today almost all units have already been formed.

He announced this on the air of a nationwide telethon Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Ihor Klymenko, transmits Ukrinform.

Ihor Klymenko

“We have already accepted 28,000 applications from volunteers. First of all, applications went through the Centers for the provision of administrative services and through the corresponding website. Of course, not everyone gets into these divisions, because the selection is tough enough. We have already started the training of almost all units at the training grounds of our country, and not all of them can survive there,” Klymenko emphasized.

He noted that the training will continue as long as necessary to produce combat-ready units of the National Guard, DPSU and National Police, all now called the “Offensive Guard”.

According to him, the units have actually been formed and are currently recruiting additional volunteers in order to have a reserve for the future.

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