Ukrenergo said whether they will turn off the lights in Kyiv in the near future


Today, all types of power plants operate in the power system.

There has been no capacity deficit in the energy system of Ukraine for 18 days and is currently not forecast. The country’s need for electricity is fully covered by the production capacities of Ukrainian power plants and a small amount of imports from Europe.

About this informs NEC “Ukrenergo”.

All types of power plants in the power system work. The operation of another of the power plants was resumed, which increased the available power in the power system and, accordingly, its operational safety. Hydroelectric power plants, which have many resources due to water harvesting, are working intensively. Generation from renewable energy sources continues to grow seasonally,” the report says.

The company emphasizes that in 4.5 months, according to the General Prosecutor’s Office, 255 enemy missiles and drones hit the energy infrastructure. Of them, 214 are in the facilities of the high-voltage network of NEC “Ukrenergo”.

The reason for the absence of a deficit now is the professional work of energy workers, who in a few months were able to restore the functionality of the energy system and power plants.

Therefore, no power outages are expected in Kyiv in the near future. Unless, of course, there will be new enemy missile attacks.

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