Urgently! Mega cool game + NFT “The Hate Race Project”


In Hate We Trust!
Bill of Hate Rights

The time of freedom remained in the distant past. The era has come
political correctness. And in the translation from reptilian to human,
one might say: the happy liberal end of the story in a quiet way
they canceled it, and together with it, they sent it to the…
praised freedom of speech! Fukuyama is not dead yet, but Huxley,
Orwell and Bradberry are already frozen in their coffins.
Light is nothing without a shadow. Black is impossible without white. And love
good for nothing without its opposite – hatred.
A society of fake smiles and fake “how are you?”
inevitably degenerates into a society of psychopaths. Normal
a person like air needs a healthy balance of emotions, and therefore needs
the right to say not only “love you”, but also “fuck you”, if you want to
soul. Because we have to live in a world where it is no longer possible to hold an idiotic position
put a fucking dislike?
Black lives… White lives… Green lives… Damn..oh!!! Info party
flaky Zuckerbrinns! No war of civilizations! Yes – war
made sense! You, whoever you are, want political correctness from us
submission? So here it is: H..and to you, not a drum! Hate is not
crime. Hate is the same basic right as the right to

What is Hate Race?
Hate Race is a sharp satire on the modern world and its
by puppeteers, dressed in the format of rats.

Our characters compete with each other in their true image –
vile rats.
The players themselves decide which rat will win by replenishing it
cryptocurrency wallet. By participating in our game, everyone gains
the ability to increase his contribution tenfold if he chose
the right rat.
But everything is not as obvious as it seems at first glance, because he will win
the rat whose balance at the time of the start will be the smallest. Our
the game may seem similar to gambling, but it is not at all,
since there is no “game of luck” in Hate Race, only “game of skill”. Myself
the players themselves will invent an effective winning strategy,
confrontation between themselves.

Our project is not limited to a game, it is also a whole collection
unique NFT tokens created on the basis of exclusive art
a real, recognized artist-master of satire, and not
primitive pixel art, as in many other projects.
Hate Race is primarily a social project.
Our task is to provide a platform and a tool for the world
communities of haters, which will be independent in the future
determine the project development vector using tools,
which we provide.

Creators of the project
Our team knows firsthand what politics is
persecution and repression, so we want to give back to the world
the true meaning of the freedoms of speech and expression through the sharp
satire and ridicule of those who try to take it from us.
In our plans to annoy half the world, so we stay in the shadows,
to avoid the fate of Charlie Hebdo, whose editorial office was shot
radicals offended by an innocent cartoon. He draws all the art of the project
a unique artist who has already paid for his citizenship
and was forced to leave his homeland due to the persecution of his
creativity, as well as our ideologue of the project, who at the same time,
also lost most of his capital due to the conflict with
authoritarian government.

Unlike other projects, the economy of our project
perfectly thought out. Our coin is not attracted to the project by the ears,
and is actively used by the community to participate in the game, which
significantly increases its liquidity. The game after full
the project will be launched at least 4 times a day. Every one
game, 5% of the prize money will be burned in the process of rat races
pool, which in turn reduces the supply of coins in the free
turnover Similar to the legendary Bitcoin, our project releases
only 21 million minus one coin, which allows active
control the free float and keep the coin price high.
We position our project as hate-to-earn, because it is
is a refuge for all who need to vent their own
anger and casually and make money from it. Let’s force our characters
rats to pay us for their kaposti.

Technical base of the project

Technically, the project was created by two independent technical
by development teams and based on the Polygon blockchain network with
low cost and high transaction speed. What a team
wrote a smart contract, has been engaged in development for over 7 years
blockchain solutions. All their work has passed an authoritative audit.

Sale of tokens
Project tokens will be sold officially and legally through
a regulated company in the European Union that has
appropriate license, which will avoid potential
fraud and fraud, and it is perfectly legal to use or
declare our tokens.

● Closed Pre-sale of the first million Hate tokens, as well as the first
NFT mint is scheduled for 02.22.2022. The price of the token will be 0.75 USD.
● Pre-sale by invite for 2 million HATE tokens will take place on 03.22.2022
at the price of 1.15 USD.
● Free sale of tokens will start on 04/04/2022 at a price of 1.5 USD
● Secondary market of coins (possibility of their free sale and
exchange) will open after August 2022.

As for selling NFT rats, the community rules prohibit it
their sale on the secondary market is cheaper than 1000 dollars.
Users who violate this rule will be shamed
banished from the community!

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