VAKS confiscated the shares of a bank owned by a Russian in favor of Ukraine


Yevhen Ginet is under Ukrainian sanctions, including because of his connection with the Rostech corporation

The higher anti-corruption court seized in favor of the state 88.89% of the shares of PIN bank, which is owned by a Russian businessman, the president of the Russian football club CSKA Yevhen Giner. About this reported press service of the court.

“On February 27, the panel of courts of the Higher Anti-Corruption Court satisfied the lawsuit filed by the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine against the Russian citizen and imposed on the defendant the sanction provided for in Clause 1-1 of the first part of Article 4 of the Law of Ukraine “On Sanctions”. According to the court’s decision, the assets of the defendant – 88.89% of the shares of the Ukrainian bank – were collected from the state revenue,” the message reads.

The message does not indicate the name of the Russian citizen and the name of the bank, however, according to the data of the Judicial Authority, the lawsuit was filed against the Russian Yevhen Giner, and its subject was the shares of JSC “First Investment Bank” (PINbank).

Evgeny Giner – president of CSKA Moscow. He is under Ukrainian sanctions, including because of his connection with the Rostec corporation, which supplies weapons and ammunition to the Russian army. Last year, on this basis, law enforcement authorities achieved a judicial seizure of PIN Bank shares, one of Giner’s key assets in Ukraine.

Since October 24, these assets have been transferred to the management of ARMA “for the implementation of measures to manage them in order to ensure their preservation and preservation of their economic value.”

Earlier it was reported that Giner went to court to appeal against the personal sanctions imposed against him by Ukraine.

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