Vitaliy Klitschko was aware of the terrible condition of the Kyiv bomb shelters as early as 2022


For the last ten days, a scandal has been raging in the capital of Ukraine, related to the criminal inaction of city government officials, which led to the death of women and a child.

We will remind that on June 1, 2022, residents of Kyiv tried to escape from Russian missile fire, however, the bomb shelter was closed and the two mallets and a young child were killed.

Immediately after the tragedy, the Chairman of the KMDA V. Klychko began to blame the leadership of the local RDA and started a media company to whitewash himself and shift the blame to others. It came from Klitschko and the Office of the President, whom he accused of that the leadership of RDA is appointed by the President and the responsibility should be the presidential vertical of power.

In turn, Volodymyr Zelenskyi did not hesitate to answer mentioned a “possible knockout”alluding to the mayor’s past boxing career.

At the same time, law enforcement officers opened criminal cases based on the facts of the deaths of people, Vitaliy Klitschko, together with the Minister of the Ministry of Strategy and Industry Oleksandr Kamishyn, began a joint inspection of the condition of the bomb shelters, and the outraged public of the capital was registered appeal to the President with a request to remove V. Klychko from the position of Chairman of the KMDA for the period of the investigation.

According to the results of a joint inspection of bomb shelters, the conclusions of Klitschko and Kamishin differ, which even caused their public quarrel. However, in summary, it should be stated that the condition of the capital’s bomb shelters is good critical. It confirmed by President Zelenskybased on the results of listening to ministers and other responsible persons and promised to make a decision regarding the guilty persons.

Public opinion is divided: the majority believes that the current city government should bear responsibility, some, in particular supporters of V. Klychko, began to politicize this tragedy. However, no one was left indifferent. Everyone is waiting for the President’s decision and the results of the investigation.

At this time, our journalists are more interested in the question, whether Vitaliy Klitschko, as the head of the Kyiv City State Administration and the Chairman of the Kyiv City Council, knew about the unsatisfactory condition of the bomb shelters before the tragedy and what actions were taken to correct the critical situation. After all, it is the 9th year of the mayor’s term, the 10th year of the war and the 2nd year of the full-scale invasion.

That is why we conducted our own investigation and came to an unequivocal conclusion: Yes, Vitaliy Klitschko was fully aware of the terrible situation with the bomb shelters in the capital long before the tragedy occurred and the women and child died. As for the effectiveness of the measures taken by V. Klitschko and his team (Bondarenko, Panteleev, Brodskyi) to correct the situation with the bomb shelters, we will leave the right to draw conclusions to the investigative bodies.

In support of our statement, we cite the following facts:

08/22/2022 In 2016, Roman Nastenko, a native of Kyiv, registered a petition on the website of Kyiv City Council’s electronic appeals, in which he emphasized the terrible condition of the capital’s bomb shelters and asked for their repair. In a few days, this petition gathers the necessary number of votes of Kyiv citizens – more than 6,000, but it is still displayed with the status “not supported”.

09/05/2022 2015, Kyiv City Mayor and Head of Kyiv City State Administration Vitaliy Klitschko instructs his subordinates: Panteleev P.O., Bondarenko V.V., Brodsky O.Ya. process the above petition. That is, it is possible to draw a logical conclusion that only on September 5 of last year Vitaliy Klitschko became aware of the terrible state of the capital’s shelters and, in order to correct the situation, he, realizing his own responsibility, instructs his subordinates to process the appeal.

09/16/2022 2008 Deputy Mayor and Secretary of the Kyiv City Council Volodymyr Bondarenko (the same one who was exposed for forging a diploma of education), aware of the fact that this issue falls within the scope of official duties of the vertical management of the KMDA and the City Council, signs an official response on behalf of I am the applicant. In this answer (last paragraph), the official assures the author of the petition “about the need to repair Kyiv shelters” that there is no cause for concern, since: “district state administrations in the city of Kyiv within the limits of the relevant financial allocations ensure the repair of premises for sheltering the population“. That is, subordinate Vitaliy Klitschka, fully aware of his responsibility, claims that the repair of the premises IS ENSURED.

06.10.2022 of 2015, the permanent committee on housing and communal services and the fuel and energy complex of the Kyiv City Council adopted a decision to “Support” the petition with the demand to carry out repair work in the capital’s shelters. That is, the members of the relevant commission were aware of their own responsibility, as employees of the Kyiv City Council and KMDA, for the state of the capital’s bomb shelters.

So, 8 months passed from the moment Vitali Volodmyrovych Klitschko and his two deputies learned about the critical condition of the capital’s shelters to the moment of the tragedy that claimed the lives of a 9-year-old child and two women.

A logical question arises: “Why, in eight months, having all the power in their hands, local officials did not put order in the system of civil protection of the population of the city of Kyiv?”

It is certain that the investigation should give an answer to it, and all those involved in this tragedy (Chairman of the KMDA, KMVA, RDA and others) – should be suspended from performing their official duties for the period of the investigation.

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