What is the best position to sleep in the heat?


On hot summer days, sleeping in a stuffy room can become a real nightmare.

The position in which you sleep plays an important role. At first it may seem that it is more correct to sleep on your back. So you can reveal yourself as much as possible, lie down in the “star pose”. In fact, the best solution is to sleep on your side.

“When a person sleeps on one side, the air circulates in such a way that the return of heat occurs faster. It is easier for the body to cool down by adjusting the body temperature to the optimal level,” explained the sleep expert Alice Johnson.

Don’t forget about the right bedding. Something made of bamboo, cotton, linen is perfect. It is better to avoid silk or satin underwear in the heat. It heats up more easily and absorbs moisture worse.

In the summer, it is difficult to keep the house cool and not everyone can cope with suffocation. And for many, it is difficult to fall asleep at all. But there are some techniques for falling asleep on hot days. These techniques literally force the brain to reboot and shut down.

The ancient Egyptians were forced to sleep in a hot and humid climate. Their methods have reached our days and still work.

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