What opportunities are created for nurses and brothers in the electronic health care system


Since June of last year, in the electronic health care system (EHS) for nurses and brothers the function of entering vaccination data became available.

So, the functional module for medical brothers and sisters in the EHOZ allows users to:

  • to register and obtain appropriate access rights;
  • search for electronic medical records;
  • form packages of diagnostic reports;
  • record treatment procedures;
  • verify, process and redeem e-referrals, etc.

Among other things, primary care nurses can enter data on patient vaccinations in the EHS, review the details of the performed manipulation, etc. This allows not only to redistribute the digital workload of doctors, but also to ensure the necessary constant access of nurses to the patient’s medical information, the history of his treatment, performed manipulations, etc., and therefore to be more effectively involved in the treatment process.

To date, there is a trend towards a steady increase in the entries made by them: from 0.1% from the beginning of summer 2022 to 1.8% in February 2023. And these indicators are increasing every month. In terms of regions, it looks like this: the leaders are Lviv and Frankiv regions (3.9% and 2.1%), the city of Kyiv closes the top three with 2.0%.

In total, more than 1.5 billion medical records have already been entered into the electronic healthcare system. It is one of the largest IT systems in Ukraine, in which about 35 million Ukrainians are registered, about 400 thousand medical and pharmacy workers work.

“ESOZ is constantly updated and improved, new functions for users appear. The implementation team continues to work on the expansion of functional capabilities so that nurses and brothers become full participants in the management of the treatment process in the EHOZ. We strive to improve the quality of providing medical care to the population and the availability of services and automation of processes,” says Maria Karchevych, Deputy Minister of Health for Digital Development.

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