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Still think that only pupils and students should read? This is not true at all!

It is necessary to read at any age. Do you know how reading books affects you? And in general, what role do they play in people’s lives?

Books not only help us learn about something new.

And even life expectancy will depend on how much time a person devotes to books. It has been proven that reading can prevent such a disease as senile dementia.

For many people, reading is the best form of recreation.

Reading develops imagination and fantasy.

People who read a lot have a large vocabulary. They easily express their point of view and speak correctly.

Reading increases literacy. When reading the text, we remember how the words are written and do not make mistakes.

Also, books often answer the questions that concern us. They help to understand oneself, to understand the multifacetedness and uniqueness of one’s own “I”.

It is much easier for a person who reads a lot and often to learn anything than a person who rarely picks up a book.

Thanks to the book, we can even travel: to any part of the world, to the past or even the future. Besides, in the company of literary heroes, you will never feel lonely.

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