All-Ukrainian business award CABINET BOSS TOP-50


On November 29, a solemn ceremony was held in Ukraine to award laureates of the All-Ukrainian business award CABINET BOSS TOP-50 . The award is intended to celebrate the successes of companies, individuals and projects for the past year 2021.

“The purpose of the ” Cabinet Boss.TOP-50 ” award is to unite the business community, the founders of social and public projects, to draw the attention of potential investors to those representatives of our country, for whom healthy competition and socially responsible business are the first step in building a business” – emphasized Maryna Filipenko, co-founder of the award.

Kateryna Osadcha and Yuriy Gorbunov conducted the awarding ceremony.

The guests of the evening were greeted from the stage by the world star Minelli , as well as the stars of Ukrainian show business: SLAVA KAMINSKA , the group “KORUPTSIA” , SoloKha , Mila Nitich .

“The prize introduced by us is not only one of the PR tools, but also a really powerful reason for achieving the economic success of our country. I also want to emphasize that we held the award ceremony, observing all quarantine rules, on November 29, representatives of small and medium-sized businesses, authors of social and public projects gathered not only to congratulate each other on their achievements, but also to hold negotiations on possible collaborations with each other,” she said. Svitlana Bondar, co-founder of the award, entrepreneur, businesswoman.

Maryna Filipenko, Yevhen Chervonenko, Svitlana Bondar

Public and political figures of Ukraine, businessmen, leading specialists in specific areas of the state were invited to the Expert Council “Cabinet Boss.TOP-50”: Yevhen Chervonenko, Victoria Fainblat, Valentina Markevich, Vitaly Voytovych, Andriy Matyukha, Yuliya Ignatova, Myroslav Boy Lomakina , Larisa Bilozir, Rostislav Bondar, Yuriy Chortkov.

This year, the organizers of the award decided to award a special award for the innovative social project of the year – the right to comfort to architect-designer Victoria Feinblatt.

Victoria Feinblatt

The laureates of the “ Cabinet Boss.TOP-50 ” business award in 2021 were:

FAVBET – “For contribution to the formation and development of the gaming industry”,
” Right to comfort ” – “Innovative social project of the year”,
Oleksandr Gapon (Ukraine Foods) – “Best agricultural company of the year”,
European travel insurance – “Best insurance company of the year” ,
Ihor Savchuk – “For a significant contribution to the development of national cuisine”,
Premier FOOD Group of Companies (TM “Mr Grill”) – “Leader of the restaurant and street food market”,

Nataliya Balasynovych – “City Mayor of the Year”,
EUROPROEKTBUD LLC – “Construction Company of the Year”,
Qbe Group – “Innovative electrical equipment”,
CALM Clinic – “Leader of aesthetic and laser medicine”,
Kostyantyn Kryvopust – “INTERNATIONAL LAW EXPERT”,
NEMO – “The best hotel of Ukraine”,
Gulliver – “The best shopping and entertainment center”,
V-Art medical Aesthetics – “Opening of the year in cosmetology medicine”,
Natalia Kravchenko – “Notary of the year”,
Esculab – ” Medical laboratory of the year: quality, reliability, innovation”.

Polina Krupchak – “Charity Worker of the Year”,
Lesya Nikityuk – “Media Person of the Year”,

Andriy Vovk – “Financial Consultant of the Year”

Club Olympus at Hyatt Regency Kiev – “Health and Fitness”,
“Proexp” – “Leader in the provision of consulting services in the field of construction”,
BRANDFACE – “The best development project for women”,
Yurii Suhak – “The best editor-in-chief of information television broadcasting” ,
NASH – “Leader of Information Broadcasting”,
OBOZREVATEL – “Synergy of TV and Internet Publications”,
Slavyanski Lazni – “Therapeutic and Restorative Complex of the Year”,
Olga Lyashchuk – “The Strongest Woman on the Planet”,

Mykhailo Zavyalov – “The most legendary sports personality”,
Valeriya Bayramova – “Esthetic dentist of the year”,
Pierre Cardin – “International brand of the year”,
Party Bus – “Leader in the provision of elite transport services”,
Ihor Buranov – “Social figure of the year” ,
Vitaly Zhadobin – “Land Law Specialist”,
GOVOR Production Studio – “Best Production of the Year”,
Parfum Büro – “The Largest Ukrainian Brand of Niche Perfumery”,
Olena Boyko – “Best Organizer of International Beauty Contests”,
Inna Plahotniuk – “Leader of Social and Educational projects of Ukraine”,
MISS DIAMOND– “Best Fashion brand of the year”,

Coollaser – “Clinic of reconstructive cellular medicine with a branch in the USA”, Minelli – “The most popular European hit”,
SLAVA KAMINSKA – “Solo project of the year”,
Anna Sviridova – “Radio producer of the year”,
Mila Nitich – “The most powerful voice of Ukraine”,
SoloHa – “The most sporty singer of Ukraine”,
DJ NANA – “The best DJ of the country” ,
Kateryna Korol – “The best journalist in the field of show business”,
Hennadiy Viter – “The best music TV producer”,
Anna Romanko – “Fashion stylist of the year”,
Olena Ruta – ” Expert in holistic consciousness therapy”,
SV Concert – “The best concert agency”,
Oleksandr Pashko – “The best charity organization of the year”,
Hanna Maksymchuk – “Political PR agency of the year”,

Exotic flower – “The best floristry and decoration studio”,
Chesnovskiy proaudio – “The level of any scale”,
Danylo Usov – “The future of the nation”,
Usama Kafa – “The largest chain of restaurants”,
Oleksandr Kovalenko – “The best dental clinic of the year”,
Dar Ia Chubovska – “Star makeup artist of Ukraine”,
BODYLIKE – “Best Beauty business project of the year”,
Iryna Samsonenko – “Best cultural figure”,
Maryna Osaula – “PR agent of the year”,
Iryna Marchuk – “International House of Fashion”,
POLYTECH – “ The best company in the field of production of printing and souvenir products”,

Genadiy Viter, Andriy Vovk, Kostyantyn Kryvopust, Yevhen Chervonenko, Polina Krupchak

The President of the National Expert Construction Alliance of Ukraine and the Win Experts group of companies Viktor Leshchynsky became one of the laureates: “Our company “PROEKSP”, which is part of the construction hub – the Win Experts group of companies, received an honorary award. We were recognized as “Leaders in providing consulting services in the field of construction “. I believe that this is a victory for our entire large and professional team. Thank you for the recognition.”

Victor Leshchynskyi

Yuriy Sugak won in the nomination ” The best editor-in-chief of information television “. He has been working on the TV channel “Ukraine” for 24 years. He loves his work. Receives new calls every day.

Natalia Kravchenko became a laureate in the nomination ” The best notary of the year “. She has been working in the profession for over 22 years. Uses a creative approach to each client. And this allows you to eliminate all possible risks during the execution of any documents.

Oleksandr Gapon, the head of the public association “Ukrainian Agrarian Assembly” and the group of companies “Ukraine Foods” received the award in the nomination ” Best agricultural company of the year “.

Andriy Vovk, co-owner of JSC “Capital” received an award in the nomination ” Financial Consultant of the Year “

This year, the general partner of the award is the international Entertainment Tech company Favbet, official partners: Pravo na Comfort, National Security, Windrose, Global Records, European Insurance Company, INTERNATIONAL LAW EXPERT, CALM, Premier Food & Mr. Grill, LuckyLook, COOLLASER, Makatsaria jewelry, Prosecco Serena, i100group, Esculab, Club Olympus at Hyatt Regency Kiev, Miss Diamond, NEMO, GEOS, Remy Martin, Ukraine Foods, V-Art medical Aesthetics, EUROPROJECTBUD LLC, My sa friends”, ™”RapidHrom”, Felicità, ZEUZ, Shapovalovska, “Dr. Bubnova”, Sophienwald.

Organizers of the ceremony : “PR Advertising & event agency by Marina Philipenko”, “Zerkalo promo agency” and Lesya Yehorchenko.

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