A bullet and bone fragments were removed from the head of a soldier: a unique operation was performed in Dnipro


In Dnipro, an extremely complex operation was performed – a bullet and fragments of the occipital bone were removed from the head of a wounded soldier.

The story of the rescue of a soldier who was wounded in the head in battle became known to the general public after the general director of the Dnipropetrovsk regional hospital named after I.I. Mechnikov Serhiy Ryzhenko posted a single photo from the operating room and wrote:

“Orphanage is scarier than a bullet, I survived it… I ask to tell my wife that I will come back alive.”

As it turned out, the bullet was in the hand of a neurosurgeon who had just removed it from the brain of a soldier. The seriously wounded man, whose bullet shattered the occipital bone and entered the brain with its fragments.

The injury occurred on April 10. Ruslan came to his senses today, tomorrow he is going for rehabilitation treatment.

The story of the soldier was also picked up by the Ministry of Health, because as it turned out, a super neurosurgical microscope was needed to save Ruslan. Minister Viktor Lyashko helped him get the hospital.

“This modern device, together with Mechnikov’s neurosurgeons, saved hundreds of human lives,” says the general director of the hospital Serhii Ryzhenko.

A doctor who has just removed a bullet from a wounded man’s head.

In addition to the story of the rescue, Serhii Ryzhenko spoke a few sentences about Ruslan himself. As it turned out, he came under occupation on February 24, 2022, because he lived in the Kharkiv region.

The bullet that destroyed the occipital bone of the soldier and entered the brain.

Then for two weeks he made his way to his family to go and serve as a volunteer. And so, almost a year into the service, Ruslan received an injury that put his life on the edge.

He was saved by the skill of doctors from the Dnipro and God’s providence.

“Thank you to the doctors for their skill and the saved lives of our people!” – wrote the Ministry of Health, spreading the photo of the neurosurgeon on social networks.

Let’s add only a fragment of the video – it shows the usual reception of the wounded in the Dnipropetrovsk Regional Hospital named after I.I. Mechnikov.

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