A Kyiv high-rise building installed solar panels on the roof: what will it do?


Installing solar panels on the roof is a backup source of electricity for an individual heating point if the lights go out.

Residents of the Kyiv residential building — “Khudozhnyk” condominium — conducted a set of energy-efficient measures. They also installed solar panels on the roof. now if the electricity is turned off, the heating station will work and the residents will have heat and hot water. It was reported Petro Panteleev, Deputy Chairman of the KMDA, inspecting the operation of the equipment together with the representative of the house.

In a residential building on Velyka Vasylkivska Street, a number of energy-efficient works were carried out as part of the city’s “70/30%” program.

It is valid for condominium buildings (an association of co-owners of an apartment building) and ZHBK (housing and building cooperative).

According to the terms of the program, 70% of the cost of the works is paid by the city, and 30% is collected and invested by residents.

This is not the first time that the residents of the building have participated in the city program of co-financing energy-efficient works “70/30%”.

Here, an individual heating unit was repaired, energy-saving windows and doors were installed in common areas, the facade was insulated, and three hybrid inverters of 10 kW and 30 kW per battery were installed.

“This equipment can be charged either from the grid or from solar panels installed on the roof. The ITP can work completely autonomously from batteries (up to 48 hours), and with MZK and external lighting, all this can work for a day on batteries. The total cost of the completed works is UAH 2.5 million,” said Petro Panteleev.

According to Denys Skorenko, a representative of the board of the condominium, you can manually connect and disconnect the elevators to the solar battery.

In the summer, they plan to provide the elevators with the help of solar energy as well. That is, in the summer, the home systems can work completely thanks to the solar panels.

Petro Panteleev is convinced that every such equipped house, where the residents participated and invested their money, is an example of improving energy security even at the level of an individual house. And together with others, he forms a city-wide and state system of resistance to the aggressor, who is now trying to destroy our energy facilities.

“We plan to scale up such projects and spread the experience to as many housing communities as possible. Residential buildings, not only new, but decades old, can be energy efficient. The costs of energy carriers, as well as the costs of communal services, can be gradually reduced,” said Petro Panteleev.

More than 1,000 energy-efficient projects have already been completed in the capital, in which residents already pay much less for utility services.

We remind you the acceptance of applications for the “70/30%” competition has been extended this year until the end of Februaryand there is still time to send the project to the Department of Housing and Communal Infrastructure.

Poland provided humanitarian aid to Kyiv for the repair of heating networks. Kyiv continues to receive important infrastructure equipment from international partners. It is about pre-insulated pipes and the necessary components for the emergency repair of the heating network in Vydradny.

Olga SKOTNIKOVAphoto Oleksiy Samsonov

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